Your Ultimate Guide To The Flour World- Part 1

Your Ultimate Guide To The Flour World- Part 1

Indian cooking does not just have the regular all-purpose flour. There are so many varieties of flours and this is what we will be looking at today.

1. Maida


Maida, the Indian version of the all-purpose flour made from the endosperm of the wheat, is a flour that is commonly used in multiple recipes. The Maida, stripped of bran, contains much less fiber content than its healthier counterpart Atta. Certain delicacies such as the Indian flatbread Naan and the bhatura, are dependent on this flour for both the taste as well as the color. An essential ingredient in the kitchen, Maida will assist you in creating some tongue-tingling and delectable delicacies. Indian dumplings (momos) can also be prepared using this flour.

 2. Atta


Roti, one of the staples in Indian homes, is made with Atta. Indian wheat, consisting of mostly Durum wheat, is high in protein. Atta is made with both the bran and endosperm of the wheat kernel and it is not bleached. As a result, Atta is a copious supply of fiber and protein which is why it is widely preferred to Maida in the day to day cooking. Well- known recipes can be carried out using wheat as a replacement such as in the cases of  Atta Dosa, Atta Laddoo and Atta ka Halwa. Execute these unique recipes and be rewarded with an enriched and elevated palette. Also, try out these amazing crisp, flaky and nutritious atta biscuits

 3. Bajra flour

Though sparse, Bajra, made from millet grain and hence also known as millet flour,  is an excellent source of iron, proteins and folic acid. This flour is a fantastic protein source, especially for vegetarians and it is gluten-free. It is rich magnesium content is imperative for bone formation. Magnesium and calcium regulate blood pressure levels and provide an overall improvement in one's health. Folic acid, the synthetic version of vitamin B9, is a powerful tool for women struggling with anemia and it is also a great aid during pregnancy. Give Bajra Chakli and Bajra Khakhra a shot and you will not be disappointed!

4. Sooji

Sooji, also known as rava or semolina contains higher bran content than Maida and it is used in the preparation of South-Indian dishes such as Kesari, Halwa, Kichadi, Instant Idli and Dosa. Sooji, also known as Rava, is a potent energy booster. Anyone who has ever had Sooji Upma will firmly attest to this statement. The abundance of selenium in Sooji is a great antioxidant that can reduce oxidative stress and slow down premature aging. In addition, it lowers the risk of heart disease by inflammation reduction. Try out some Sooji dishes such as Sooji halwa, Upma and Kesari and you will have a fine time eating them. My favorite, the Sooji Vada, is a crispy savory doughnut-shaped ring that is both delicious as well as filling. 

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