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What is Singals.ca?

Singals.ca is an online Indian grocery store delivering over 1000+ authentic Indian products to customers all over Canada. We aspire to be your favorite go to destination for all Indian products.

Can I come to your store?

No. We are an online store only and only accept orders through our website. We do home delivery all over Canada.

Do you have a physical location?

No. We do not have any physical location. We take orders through our website and do home delivery across Canada.

How can I track my order?

As soon as you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation email and also text (If you've opted in to receive alerts via text). In this email there is a 'View Your Order' blue colored button. All your order updates, shipping status etc. is constantly updated on this link. 

For orders with shipping address outside Montreal: in the View Your Order link, you can also find your Canada Post tracking number which you can click on to see more detailed tracking on the Canada Post website. 

In addition to the above, we also send out alerts via email / text at different stages of the process.

An item I want is out of stock

Our goal is to always have all listed items in stock. Generally an out of stock item should be back within 2 weeks. In some rare circumstances items may remain sold out for longer than that due to sudden spikes in demand or supply issues.

An item I want is not listed on your website

We're constantly adding new items to our store. You can email us with your product suggestions at info@singals.ca and we will make an effort to try to avail the item for you. Sometimes it's not possible to get specific items due to supply issues, limited customer demand etc.

Why did you implement a minimum order amount ?

We have not implemented a $49 Minimum order amount to cover for fixed costs. Small orders still require the same amount of work to get it packed and delivered and often just not justify the work efforts required.


What is your current shipping policy

We are offering Free shipping over $69 for Ontario & Quebec and $99 for Rest of Canada subject to following conditions

  • Currently available for all provinces except for Nunavut & AirStage Locations in Canada
  • Up to 14 Kg per box for Ontario and Quebec & 10 kg per box for Rest of Canada. In addition to over 10 kgs or 14 kgs, we only charge a fixed incremental rate based on weight.
  • For orders Below $69 or $99, we charge a flat fee depending on your destination.

Why did I not receive my package from Canada Post ?

There are many situations that can dictate why you did not receive your package from Canada Post. Here are some possible reasons

1. Safety - Often in condo buildings if the drop off area is not safely closed off or open to foot traffic, Canada post will often leave a note to pick up your box from your closest Canada Post mailbox. Usually, because its Canada post you should have a close by post office where you can pick it up. To Canada post the safety of the box is always the primary concern.

2. Weather - If the drop off area is not safe from environmental factors such as weather, rain, snow, water etc then Canada post will often take the box with them. 

3. Need to call the customer / access to the building - If Canada post requires to call the customer to come inside the dropping zone or area, Canada post will not deliver the box

We usually always provide a tracking number with your parcel. If you have any questions or concerns you can always call Canada post with your tracking number to get any details you require.

Who do you use for your shipping partner ?

We use Canada Post exclusively.

Do you ship to my location?

Yes, we ship to all locations in Canada. Singals.ca can ship to you EVERYWHERE IN CANADA! 

Whether you are in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Halifax or literally anywhere else in Canada. We will ship to you.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping address in Quebec & Ontario provinces:

  • FREE (Orders $69 and above before taxes) on boxes under 12 KGs
  • $9.99 (Orders up to $68.99 before taxes) on boxes under 12 KGs
  • Boxes over 12 KGs are charged a incremental rate based on weights

Shipping address in all other provinces:

  • Shipping charges are based on order weight and displayed at checkout (before payment)
  • In order to know the exact shipping amount, you can add all items you need to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout where the charges will be displayed. 
  • Bigger order sizes have relatively lower shipping fees. For example, a 10 kg order may show a shipping cost of $10 but if you double the order size to 20 kg the shipping cost will not double but will only rise partially say to $15. Hence, it's best to order in bulk to minimize shipping costs per item. 

Who will deliver my order?

Shipping Address Everywhere else in Canada: Your order will be shipped via Canada Post Expedited Parcel Service. You will receive a shipping confirmation email once your order is processed with a link to track your package. Your package will be delivered in the exact same manner as you receive all other Canada Post packages from Walmart / Amazon etc. 

What if I'm not at home during delivery?

Shipping Address everywhere else in Canada:

  • Canada Post will either leave the package at your door, in your personal or community mailbox or with your concierge. Some buildings have a special parcel locker for packages that do not fit in your personal mailbox. 
  • In cases, when Canada Post is not able to access the building or there is no safe spot to leave the package they will leave a notice card and the package will be redirected to your nearest post office where it will be available for 10 days for pick-up with a piece of ID and the notice card. 
  • You also have the option to ask Canada Post to drop the package at your door even if you're not at home. You can see the details on how to do that here

How long does delivery take?

Shipping Address is in Quebec or Ontario: All orders are delivered within 2 - 4 business days with most of them done within 2 days since the time its shipped out from our warehouse
Shipping Address in all other provinces: 1 - 7 business days depending upon location with most done within 5 days since the time its shipped out from our warehouse

What happens when an incorrect address is provided ?

If a customer provides an incorrect shipping address resulting in a failed delivery, they are liable for the shipping fee for the initial delivery and any charges incurred by singals.ca from the carrier for the return shipment. It's important to note that while efforts are made to catch address errors before shipping, neither Canada Post nor singals.ca is responsible for rectifying inaccurate delivery details. It is solely the customer's responsibility to ensure the provided delivery address is accurate and compliant with Canada Post's standards, including the correct street number, street name, unit or PO Box number (if applicable), city, province, and postal code.

The final address that was provided for shipping will be considered the address requested by the customer. In case the returned order is cancelled, the customer will be liable to cover for the shipping charges incurred by Singals.ca. Here are the flat rates for incorrect address

  • Ontario & Quebec - $12.99
  • NFLD, Nova Scotia, PEI, NB - $15.99
  • Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan & Manitoba - $19.99

Singals.ca reserves the right to review and adjust shipping charges if an incorrect address provided during checkout results in an incorrect assessment of shipping fees.

Why aren't you shipping frozen products ?

Currently we are relocating our warehouse and making logistical changes to optimize our routes. Rest assure we will be back delivering frozen items shortly.


How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover). We also accept payment via Paypal. Some debit cards (Visa & Mastercard) are also accepted.

Do you accept cash on delivery?

Currently we do not accept cash on delivery. All orders must be paid online during booking via credit card, debit card or Paypal.

Are there any additional charges?

We are committed to a fully transparent pricing model so there will never be any hidden or unexpected charges.


I'm missing an item in my order

We take due care to ensure all orders are packed fully with no errors. From time to time mistakes do happen. Please contact us at info@singals.ca with your order number so that we can resolve the situation for you. 

I want to cancel my order

Until the time you receive the shipping confirmation email, your order can be cancelled at no charge with no questions asked by emailing us at info@singals.ca

Once you've received the shipping confirmation email we are not able to cancel the order as it means the order has already left our warehouse. 

An item in my order is damaged

We take care to pack all items with most care to ensure no problems during transit. We bubble wrap all glass items, put all liquid items in plastic bags and pack all items well in corrugated cardboard boxes with high quality tape to ensure smooth transit. Sometimes in transit, an item may get damaged. 

In this case, please contact us at info@singals.cawith your order number so that we can resolve the situation for you. 

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Our detailed refunds and cancellation policy can be found here


Can I pick up my order from your warehouse ?

We do offer pick up service from our location but we do not allow site visitation

What happens to Unclaimed Boxes ?

When a delivery is attempted by Canada Post to your home address or community mailbox, they typically make one delivery attempt. If no one is available to receive the package, a notification will be left at your door or mailbox indicating the pickup location. You then have a 15-day window to collect your package from the postal station after the initial delivery attempt. If the package remains unclaimed after this period, Canada Post will return it to us. It's important to emphasize that it's the customer's responsibility to retrieve the package from the postal station within the specified timeframe. Should the package be returned to us due to non-collection, the customer will be charged for both the initial delivery and the return shipping costs incurred by Singals.ca