Your Ultimate Guide to the Flour World-Part 2: Gluten-free flours

Your Ultimate Guide to the Flour World-Part 2: Gluten-free flours

Gluten-free flours are those which are devoid of a group of proteins called prolamins and glutelins. If you have celiac disease or gluten-sensitivity, being gluten-free is important and the flours listed in this article are excellent alternatives to gluten-rich ones and they are packed to the brim in terms of nutritional value.  


Besan Chickpea Flour


Made from chickpeas, the chickpea flour, is not only included in Indian cooking but is also used as a cosmetic product. This flour is packed with proteins and various other minerals and vitamins. It aids in digestion and boosts our immunity as well. Used by almost all the states, this flour is used in Rajasthan to make the famous gatta curry, in Gujarat for making khandavi and one of the most delicious snacks, the batata vada in Maharashtra and the besan chilla (try this amazing recipe!). Homemade besan face packs offer glowing skin. It can be used as an anti-tan mask with turmeric and lemon juice and as an anti-tanning agent when mixed with honey.


Corn Flour


The corn flour is what comes to our mind when we think of that crispy, crunchy feel in our food. It is also used as a thickening agent in our soups and sauces. The corn flour retains more nutritional value in comparison to the cornmeal or the corn starch as it contains all three portions of the corn kernel, the bran, germ, and endosperm. Filled with a ton of fiber, antioxidants and resistant starch, this amazing flour sure does some wonders in multiple cuisines. They are used in Indo-Chinese soups, as a coating for koftas and in various fried snacks.


Buckwheat flour


Buckwheat flour is used to make bread and pancakes, naturally made of wheat. This flour is packed with health benefits. Firstly, it is a great source of fiber, protein, iron, and magnesium. Also, it aids weight loss as it is free of trans fats. This property helps in curbing the appetite and gives you a fuller feeling helping control the blood sugar levels and aiding in digestion. This flour is often used in everyday cooking by diabetic patients and it is filled with vitamins helping to reduce blood cholesterol levels. Also known as kuttu in India, this flour can be used to make idlis, kichidis, and chillas.


Ragi flour

 Also known as finger millet, ragi is very commonly consumed in some of the southern states. It is loaded with polyphenols and dietary fibers and is definitely also another healthy alternative to polished flour. It has almost all of the benefits of buckwheat but has a higher iron content. This flour can be used for a multitude of recipes including ragi mudde, ragi uttapam, ragi malt, ragi porridge, and roti as well. 

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