Reetha Powder (200 gm)

Reetha Powder (200 gm)

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Reetha Powder commonly known as soapnuts or aritha powder, is very great for hair and skin. Also known as Aritha powder or Ritha Powder. 

What is Reetha Powder?

Reetha Powder is prepared from dried fruit of Reetha Soapnuts. It comes from the ritha or reetha tree in India and Nepal. Reetha tree is growing in the foothills and the midhills of the Himalayans. 

How to use Reetha Powder?

Reetha for hair. Reetha paste can be used to wash hair. The saponin contained in Reetha powder is a natural mild cleanser which helps removing oil without destroying the natural pH. Making soap nuts powder is a very simple task. Take a dried powder of reetha and Shikakai. You can also use the powder of hibiscus in this mixture. Mix all these properly and kept in a small bottle that can be used time to time for washing hair. Washing hair with reetha powder helps to keep your hair shiny and softier. Also as reetha is anti-fugal, it helps to removes dandruff and lice in hair. Reetha powder is also good to prevent hair loss. 

Reetha powder can also be used as a face pack or face mask. Reetha powder helps to prevent dry skin. 

Reetha Whole also known as soapnuts are widely used to wash clothes. 

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