Red Religious Thread (Moli Kalava)

Red Religious Thread (Moli Kalava)

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The red religious thread or Moli Kalava is very sacred for Hindus. It is a part of every Hindu ceremony, ritual, or havan. Moli Kalava is used as an offering to the Hindu deities and then worn around the wrist after a ceremony/ritual is over. Many times, people also wear it before the start of the puja ceremony, just after offering it to the Hindu deity.

In Hindu rituals, people wear it during Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Satyanarayan Puja, and many other religious ceremonies.

Significance of Moli Kalava 

Moli Kalava is offered as cloth to Hindu deities. Traditionally, the thread is wrapped around a copper Tumblr filled with water. The mouth of the Tumblr is decorated with five mango leaves and coconut covered in red cloth. This is offered to the Hindu deities before the start of any puja ceremony or ritual. 

This sacred thread is considered to be the connection between the soul and God. The thread is worn to seek blessings from the Lord.

Moli Kalava is also believed to be Raksha Sutra, which means that it wards off evil and offers protection to the wearer.

How to wear Moli Kalava?

Usually, males wear Moli Kalava on the right hand whereas females wear it on the left hand. However, this may change depending upon the religious preferences across different regions. 

How long does one wear Moli Kalava? 

Once the priest ties it around the wrist, people usually wear it for a week. However, many wear it for 3 to 4 weeks or till the next ritual.

What does the thread look like?

Moli Kalava is a sacred red or red-yellow cotton thread. 

The religious thread comes in a bundle of long strings. The strings are worn around the wrist in 2-3 rounds and then knotted well to fasten. 

However, today many new versions of this wrist thread are available in the market. One can find varieties of Moli Kalava in silk, nylon, and other fancy materials.

Moli Kalava is also available as a unique piece with variable colors along its length. 

Creative heads can even use Moli Kalava to make beautiful wristbands, dream catchers, baskets, bracelets, necklaces, or as a string for wrapping gifts.

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