Raja Chuna (100 gm)

Raja Chuna (100 gm)

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Raja Chuna is an accompaniment to all types of supari, often blended with pan, supari and sweetener. Use in very small quantities

Edible Lime

Paan khaye saiyan hamar, this popular Hindi song summarizes the importance of Paan among Indians. For the unversed, Paan or betel leaf is an edible enjoyed by the majority of South-Asian populace. It is often eaten at the end of a sumptuous meal to digest the heavy food. 

Among the many ingredients that one uses to make a delicious PaanRaja Chuna is normally the first one added. Raja Chuna is applied as the white lime paste and forms the base coat while preparing Paan. However, Raja Chuna is added in very small quantities. 

Additionally, Raja Chuna is an ingredient in supari and lime chutney also.  

What is Raja Chuna

Raja Chuna is an edible Lime, also known as calcium hydroxide. Sometimes, Raja Chuna is also called pickling lime. One should note that only the best quality calcium hydroxide is used to make Raja Chuna. 

The main ingredients in Raja Chuna are lime and water.

It is best stored in a cool and dry place.

Make sweet Paan at home using Raja Chuna

Preparation time- 5 minutes, serves 1



  • Take the betel leaf and remove its stem. Spread Raja Chuna and then Katha. Shape the betel leaf into a cone.
  • Add all other ingredients and close it carefully. Paan is ready.
  • You can finally close Paan with a toothpick and add cherry to it.

Note: You can also use mouth freshener or colorful saunf instead of fennel seeds.

So next time if you have a grand feast at home, don’t forget to treat your guests to homemade Paan. It will be a traditional finale for your dinner fiesta.

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