Multani Mitti Fullers Earth Powder (200 gm)

Multani Mitti Fullers Earth Powder (200 gm)

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Multani mitti, also called Fullers earth powder is a mineral-rich natural clay material that is extensively used as an ingredient in beauty products and to get rid of skin issues since ages in India. Multani mitti powder is great to clean, exfoliate and nourish your skin. It is particularly known to help for oily skin, acne and blackheads. Its high content in magnesium chloride makes it an impressive product to clear up your face! Multani Mitti will help remove dead cells from the skin and unclog pores, boosts the circulation and improve the health of your skin and tone! For those having severe acne, Multani Mitti face pack will help fade acne scar marks. Fullers earth powder will your skin a natural and healhy glow!

Multani Mitti uses : This natural clay is famous as natural face pack mainly amongst Indian women. The most famous recipe for face pack is to mix the powder with some water and sprinkle a little rose water to a nice and fragrant paste that you can apply on face or other parts of the body. Some people also add a teaspoon of sandalwood powder and a teaspoon of milk. The paste dries on the skin and becomes hard like a face pack and can then be removed or washed. Don't leave the multani mitti face pack for more than 30 minutes as it can dry too much your skin. Repeat twice a week and see how your skin becomes softer and smoother! It removes wrinkles and give the skin a refreshing glow. A purely natural way of enhancing your beauty.

Multani Mitti Benefits : 

  • Eradicates acne and blemishes.
  • Removes dead skin cells and allows pores to breathe.
  • Imparts natural radiance to skin.
  • Controls oil production.
  • De-tans skin to restore former complexion.
  • Removes blackhead and whiteheads.

How is multani made? Multani Mitti powder comes from decomposed volcanic ash. Actually, it is also called Fuller's Earth Clay because it was used as a clay in the early English wool industry. 

Having grown in the sun-baked country in the 1980’s when air conditioning was the luxury of the rich and the blessed, we would resort to easy and cheap ways to soothe our sunburned skin. Multani Mitti or Fuller’s earth was an all-in-one solution for our skin-woes, the age-old secret for radiant skin. This mineral-rich natural clay has been used in India for generations.

I fondly remember my mother making a paste of Multani Mitti for me and my sister to apply on our faces during adolescence. We would apply it as a fine paste on our faces, wait for 10 minutes for it to dry before washing off with clear water. It helped us get rid of excessive oil on our skins and also cool the skin by removing the sting of the sunburn. 

Multani Mitti is an excellent cleanser and exfoliator with an amazing ability to absorb oil and provide nourishment to your skin. The rich magnesium-chloride content of Multani Mitti helps control acne, fade acne-scars and reduce skin pigmentation.

How to use Multani Mitti-

For Skin

Make a fine paste of Multani Mitti by mixing it with rose water. Clean your face and apply the paste on your face. Avoid talking or making any expressions when applied. Once dry, wash it off with clear water. Pat dry your face with a clean towel. You can also add a little honey and sandalwood powder to the paste for a smoother effect.

It is not recommended to use Multani Mitti daily as it may rip the skin of its natural moisture and cause dryness. Use 2-3 times a week for best results.

For Hair

Besides providing a glowing radiance to your skin, Multani Mitti also adds sheen to your hair. Make a paste of Multani Mitti and Reetha powder in water. Let it sit for an hour. Apply it to your hair and leave for another 30 minutes. Rinse it off under clean water to get straight and shiny hair.

How to store

Multani Mitti can be stored in the powdered form or as a whole. Store it in a clean container in cool and dry conditions for 1-2 years. It normally does not have any specified shelf life.

At Singal's, we sell Multani Mitti Fullers Earth Whole as well as Multani Mitti Fullers Earth Powder.

Looking where to buy multani mitti online? We are offering home delivery everywhere in Canada. Multani Mitti powder is a natural clay perfect for extra oily skin types. 

Poudre d'argile Multani Mitti

Multani mitti, également appelée Fullers Earth est une poudre d'argile naturelle riche en minéraux qui est largement utilisée comme ingrédient dans les produits de beauté et pour éliminer les problèmes de peau de longue date en Inde. Multani mitti en poudre est idéal pour nettoyer, exfolier et nourrir votre peau. Elle est particulièrement connue pour aider les peaux grasses, l'acné et les points noirs. Sa teneur élevée en chlorure de magnésium en fait un produit impressionnant pour éclaircir votre visage! Multani Mitti aidera à éliminer les cellules mortes de la peau et à déboucher les pores, à stimuler la circulation et à améliorer la santé de la peau et le tonus! Pour les personnes souffrant d’acné sévère, un masque avec de la poudre de Multani Mitti aidera à atténuer les marques de cicatrices d’acné. La poudre Fullers Earth donnera à votre peau un éclat naturel et sain!

Usages de la poudre de Multani Mitti : Cette argile naturelle est réputée pour son masque de beauté naturel principalement chez les femmes indiennes. La recette la plus célèbre pour le soin du visage consiste à mélanger la poudre multani mitti avec un peu d’eau ainsi que de l'eau de rose afin de donner un bel arôme au masque. Vous pouvez appliquer ce masque sur le visage ou d’autres parties du corps. Certaines personnes ajoutent également une cuillère à thé de poudre de bois de santal et une cuillère à thé de lait. Le masque de multani mitti sèche sur la peau, devient dure et peut ensuite être enlevé. Ne laissez pas le masque de poudre d'argile pendant plus de 30 minutes, car il pourrait trop assécher votre peau. Répétez deux fois par semaine et voyez comment votre peau devient plus douce et plus lisse! Il élimine les rides et donne à la peau une lueur rafraîchissante. Un moyen purement naturel d'améliorer votre beauté.

Avantages de la poudre d'argile Multani 

  • Éradique l'acné et les imperfections.
  • Élimine les cellules mortes de la peau et permet aux pores de respirer.
  • Donne un éclat naturel à la peau.
  • Élimine les points noirs et blancs.

Comment est fabriqué la poudre d'argile multani mitti? La poudre de Multani Mitti provient de cendres volcaniques décomposées. En fait, elle s’appelle également Full Earth Earth Clay, car elle était utilisée comme argile dans l’industrie de la laine Britannique.

Vous voulez acheter de la poudre d'argile multani mitti en ligne? Nous vendons de la poudre de multani mitti de qualité supérieure au Canada - commandez maintenant! La poudre de Multani Mitti est une argile naturelle idéale pour les peaux grasses.