Mother's Garlic Pickle (500 gm)

Mother's Garlic Pickle (500 gm)

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Fresh garlic blend with the best Indian spices just like our mothers are doing! Perfect pickle to go with aloo paratha. 

Ingredients : Garlic, Water, Salt, Cottonseed Oil, Spices (chili, mustard, fenugreek, turmeric, asafoetida) and acetic acid.

Doctors swear by the health benefits of garlic and its products. Garlic powdergarlic chutney, garlic pickle, garlic paste, crushed garlic, garlic naan are some of the products derived from this wonder food.

Manufacturer of Mother’s Garlic Pickle

Mother’s Garlic Pickle is manufactured by Mother’s Recipe, a prestigious ethnic food brand in India. The brand brings the traditional taste of Indian cuisine into your household with its curry powders, curry masalas, ready to eat snacks, pickles, chutneys, mango pulp, and much more.

Mother’s Recipe ensures premium quality and best food ingredients in its products.

Mother's Garlic Pickle is a tongue-tickling pickle From Mother's Recipe that combines the goodness of garlic with Indian spices. 

Main ingredients of Mother’s Garlic Pickle

How to consume Mother’s Garlic Pickle

Mother’s Garlic Pickle is an ideal accompaniment with paranthas, dosas, rice, papad, naan, roti, and many more delicacies. It can even go well with puris, uthappams, and snacks such as poha or upma.

Taste and flavor of Mother’s Garlic Pickle

Mother’s Garlic Pickle is a crispy and hot ‘n’ spicy blend of garlic pieces in flavorful spices. This amazing mixture recreates the magic of traditional Indian taste in your mouth.

The pickle can leave you addicted with its piquant aroma and savory taste.

Some features of Mother’s Garlic Pickle:

  • Purely vegetarian
  • Made of natural ingredients and has natural flavor
  • No added color 
  • Can be relished with all types of meal


  • Always use a clean and dry spoon to scoop out the pickle as any kind of moisture will lead to mold growth.
  • Consume only 1- 1½ teaspoon of pickle at a time as eating more can lead to acidity and heartburn.

How to store Mother’s Garlic Pickle

The pickle is best stored in its original container, in a cool and dry place. It can last up to one year, if handled properly.

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