Matta Rice (8 lbs)

Matta Rice (8 lbs)

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Indigenous to Kerala, matta rice can easily be distinguished from other rice types because of its color. The grains are a slight reddish color and they are famous for all the lamb, beef and red meat recipes because of its earthy flavor. Matta rice is popular in Kerala and coastal Karnataka in India and Sri Lanka where it is used on a regular basis for idlies, appams and plain rice. Matta rice uses a little more water to cook compared to all the other types of rice. Matta rice is rich in fibre and high in magnesium as well. If you are ever thinking of serving a traditional Kerala curry, make sure you have some matta rice to go with it! Also known as Rosematta rice, Palakkadan Matta rice, Kerala Red rice, or Red parboiled rice.

Are you bored of eating plain white rice and looking for exotic new substitutes? Here’s a robust rice, called Matta Rice, a highly nutritious, succulent, and equally delectable variety. Matta rice is one of the healthiest varieties of Indian rice. 

This nutrient-packed rice is grown in the Palakkad district of Kerala. Commonly called Kerala red rice, or Red parboiled rice, it is popular for its coarseness and nutritional value. Matta rice is more nutritious as compared to white rice as parboiling helps retain essential nutrients.

Nutrition facts of Matta Rice :

1/4 cup size of Matta rice contains 1 gm fiber and 160 calories

What does matta rice look like? 

Matta rice has soft, bold grains and a red pericarp. It has the typical taste of pasta blended with rice.

Not as aromatic as basmati rice, you will still love it for its nutty and earthy flavor and of course juicy grains.

Health benefits of Matta Rice:

  • Rich in dietary fiber- One of the best health benefits of Matta rice is its high fiber content. It helps keep your digestive system healthy and aids bowel movement. The high fiber also helps you feel fuller for longer periods of time, thus aiding in weight loss.
  • Rich in Magnesium and Calcium- 1 cup of matta rice contains 84 mg of Magnesium and 1 gm of Calcium. Magnesium is an important mineral that keeps your neuro health, heart health, and bone health robust. Matta rice is also a good source of calcium and therefore crucial for your bone, teeth, and muscle health. It is recommended for women post-menopause.
  • Low-fat content- The low-fat content of Matta rice is good for your heart. Including this rice in your diet significantly reduces the risk of heart ailments and certain types of cancers.
  • Helps regulate type 2 diabetes- Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that afflicts vast populations all around the world. Matta rice is believed to regulate type 2 diabetes effectively.
  • Slows absorption of carbohydrates- Matta rice slows down the absorption of carbohydrates due to its high fiber content. This also helps regulate the blood sugar levels in your body.
  • Rich in vitamins- In addition to magnesium, Matta rice has a good amount of vitamin A and some form of vitamin B. These vitamins are important for maintaining the overall health of your body.

How to cook matta rice?

Matta rice is traditionally double cooked and takes longer to cook than normal basmati rice.

  • Wash the rice well in a large pan
  • You can soak it from one hour to overnight
  • Drain this water before cooking
  • Simmer with 4 to 8 parts of water on a medium flame for half an hour 
  • Cover and let it settle for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Salt the rice and then boil for another 15 to 20 minutes, or until cooked
  • Finally, drain it and cover for 15 minutes before serving hot with dollops of ghee and curry
  • You will love the way it soaks up the sauce and absorbs the curry

If looking for a quicker method, try pressure cooking in Instant Pot-

  • Soak 1cup rice for 10 minutes in cold water. Drain water and keep aside.
  • Add 2 cups water along with rice and ½ teaspoon salt to the instant pot
  • Close the lid and pressure cook for 10 minutes at high pressure
  • Let the pressure release naturally
  • Open the lid, drain excess water, if any
  • Serve hot with curry

How to include matta rice?

Matta rice is consumed as plain rice with both vegetarian and non-veg curries. It used on a regular basis for idlis, appams and snacks like kondattam and murukku.

Looking where to buy matta rice in Canada? Buy online and we offer home delivery! We also have idli rice, ponni rice, basmati rice and sona masoori rice.

Riz Matta  

Cultivé dans l'État du Kerala , ce riz se distingue facilement des autres types de riz en raison de sa couleur. Les grains ont une couleur légèrement rougeâtre et il est surtout utilisé pour toutes les recettes de viande d'agneau, de bœuf et de viande rouge en raison de son goût terreux. Il est populaire au Kerala et sur les côtes du Karnataka en Inde et au Sri Lanka où il est régulièrement. Ce riz utilise un peu plus d'eau pour cuisiner que tous les autres types de riz. Il est riche en fibres et en magnésium. Si vous envisagez de servir un curry traditionnel du Kerala, assurez-vous de disposer d'un peu de riz matta! Aussi connu sous le nom de riz Rosematta, riz Palakkadan Matta, riz rouge du Kerala ou riz rouge étuvé.


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Matta Rice (8 lbs)

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