Jiva Organic Idli Rice

Jiva Organic Idli Rice

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100% USDA certified Organic Idli Rice. As the name suggests, idly rice is used for making the dosa, idly batter. Idli rice is a little more rounded and shorter than the ponni rice. Looking to prepare Indian Idli : Idli rice makes your idlies fluffy and nice! If you are looking to make a crispy light dosa or fluffy round idlies, this is the rice for you! If you don't feel like preparing Indian idli from scratch, we also have ready to cook idli mix : MTR Idli Mix and Gits Idli Mix

As the name suggests, idly rice is used for making the dosa and idly batter. Indian idli rice is a little more rounded and shorter than the ponni rice. Idli rice makes your idlis fluffy and nice! If you are looking to make a crispy light dosa or fluffy round idlies, this is the rice for you!

Indian idlis are rice cakes often eaten with sambhar, dal or chutney for breakfast specially in the south of India. You can also prepare Indian idli very easily with a ready-to-cook idli mix : MTR Idli Mix and Gits Idli Mix

We can have an assortment of nutrient-packed varieties to fulfill our breakfast requirements. From muesli to oats to poha, sprout salad and much more, one is overwhelmed with choices.  It won’t be wrong to say that these healthy diets can sometimes be very boring and monotonous. 

Do you know some scrumptious breakfast dishes enhance your metabolism and aid in weight loss?

Welcome to the world of Idli, a type of savory rice cake popular in the southern parts of India and also with SrilankanTamilians. Touted as one of the healthiest breakfast foods, Idli cakes are prepared by steaming the fermented batter of Urad lentils and rice. Not just for breakfast, Idli also makes for a delectable lunch or dinner menu item.

The best way to make Spongy and soft Idlis is to use Idli rice instead of boiled rice.

The boiled rice has larger grains and looks duller in comparison to Idli rice which has smaller grains and looks shinier. There are sound reasons why one should use Idli rice and not any other rice for preparing Idlis. 

  • Idli Rice has properties that make it ideal for fermentation
  • Once fermented, Idli rice grains can be quickly ground to a softer and stickier batter
  • Idli rice makes softer Idlis

To sum up, you can either use Idli rice or boiled rice interchangeably to churn out Idlis. However, using Idli rice will have you dish out softer and tastier Idlis.

Let’s take a quick look at an easy process of preparing the most delicious Idlis-


This makes 30 Idlis.  


  • Wash dal and rice well and soak overnight with methi dana 
  • Drain water in the morning. Add to the blender with 3/4 cups cold water. Blend to get a smooth paste. Add 2-4 tablespoons water, if needed to get a smooth and thick batter. Do not make the batter runny.
  • Add salt and keep batter aside for 6-12 hours for fermentation. If the climate is cold, it may take up to 20 hours. If living in a cold country, put it in the oven with the light bulb on so that the batter gets fermented in the warm environment 
  • The batter will be fluffy and bubbly after fermentation. It should have a thick consistency. One can also use this batter to prepare dosas.
  • Stir the batter gently to mix it well. 
  • Grease Idli molds. Transfer the batter to Idli molds.
  • Keep Idli Stand on low medium flame. After water starts boiling, place Idli mold inside the Stand. Cook for 10 minutes on medium-high flame. Once cooked, let it stand for two minutes and then remove the molds from the Idli Stand
  • Slowly remove cooked Idlis and enjoy

Note: Idlis are enjoyed best with piping hot sambhar and coconut chutney. One can also combine the rice cake with another delectable accompaniment, gunpowder. 

    Our Priya Idli Karam Gunpowder represents the culinary-legacy of Southern India to perfection. 

    Try our MTR Sambar Mix and Gits Sambhar Mix for an instant preparation. 

    Food experts love to experiment and churn out creative extensions of classic dishes. Same with Idli.

    Rava Idli is a fluffy rice cake prepared with Rava Idli Flour, a combination of semolina (ground wheat) and lentil flour. Rava Idli uses semolina as the main ingredient in place of Idli rice. 

    If you are in a rush or feeling lethargic about preparing the Idli batter, we at Singal’s have an easier option.

    Prepare Idli very easily with a ready-to-cook Idli mix- MTR Idli Mix and Gits Idli Mix. You can also prepare Rava Idli with MTR Rava Idli Mix and Gits Rava Idli Mix.

    Or, try our ready to eat Udupi Idli. It is the closest one can get to eating the freshly prepared Idlis.

    Looking where to buy idli rice online in Canada? We offer home delivery anywhere in Canada. 

    Have a look at our wide selection of Indian rice. We also have organic idli rice.


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    Jean-Rene Van Becelaere
    Basic ingredient for Dosas

    Such an easy rice to work with ;
    May be used for Dosas or normal cooking. Excellent rice.

    Keerthika Sivalingam

    Jiva Organic Idli Rice