Jabsons Soan Papdi Traditional (200 gms)

Jabsons Soan Papdi Traditional (200 gms)

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Move over from the soft and succulent sweet delights to a crispy and flaky dessert- Soan Papdi. This popular traditional Indian sweet is normally cube-shaped and pale yellow in color. 

Before you take a hearty bite of Soan Papdi, remember that this typical sweet is a fruitful amalgamation of diverse flaky flour-based confections from across the world. 

So much is the popularity of Soan Papdi that one cannot miss the sweet on any celebratory occasion. Whether Rakshabandhan, Karwa Chauth, Deepawali, or Bhai Dooj, a small box of this light mithai (sweet) is conspicuous by its presence.

Do you know, Soan Papdi was traditionally sold in a rolled paper cone as a loose flaky sweet? In fact this traditional sweet is a fond childhood memory for most of us- I still remember vendors coming near our house to sell this sweet that we would gorge on lovingly after dinner.

In contemporary times, Soan Papdi transformed into a more sophisticated version of tightly compressed well-packaged cubes.

All this to adapt itself well to the whole genre of besan-based sweets.

Ever wondered where does Soan Papdi get its pale yellow color and light texture? Unlike other pure besan-based delicacies, this one is a mix of maida and besan both. And this fruitful concoction takes it closer to Turkish and European flour-based sweet delights. 

Soan Papdi is made from a blend of roasted flour, ghee, and sugar and garnished with melon seeds and pistachios. The nutty flavor of the confection comes from roasted flour, pistachios, and charmagaz (melon) seeds.

One can opt out of melon seeds and use chopped almonds instead.

Let’s take a quick peek into how one can churn out this delicious mithai at home. The following recipe makes 8 pieces of the mithai.



  • Mix gram flour and all-purpose flour in a large bowl
  • Take a heavy saucepan, add ghee. Once hot, add the flour mixture and roast on a medium-low flame with constant stirring. When it turns golden, keep the mixture aside. Let it cool.
  • Prepare the syrup by mixing sugar, milk, cardamom powder, and water and bringing it to a 2 ½ thread-like consistency. At this point, immediately add the syrup to the roasted flour mixture, beating the mixture with a spatula till it forms threadlike flakes.
  • Take a greased thali and pour the mixture into it. Roll it lightly into a 1-inch thickness. Sprinkle the crushed cardamom and press down with the palm gently. Let it cool. Then cut into squares. Garnish with chopped pistachios, almonds, and dried rose petals. Your super delicious Soan Papdi is ready.
  • Enjoy with your friends and family!

How to store:

Soan Papdi is best packed in insulated kitchen containers so that it keeps fresh for a long time.

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