Taj Banafsha Tea (50 gm)

Taj Banafsha Tea (50 gm)

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Banafsha or Viola odorata is one of the important herb in Ayurvedic medicine system. Banfsha or Sweet-Scented Violet or Viola odorata is native of Asia, North Africa and Europe. The plant is cultivated since ancient times for medicinal purpose and as a source of perfume and coloring matter. The rootstock of the plant are thick and produce dark green leaves. The plant is stemless and the leaves are Brahmi plant like in appearance. The flowers are violet and scented. The fruit is many seeded and present in unilocular capsule.

Other names : Fleur de Mars, Garden Violet, Herba Violae, Neelapushpa, Sweet Violet Herb, Sweet Violet Root, Viola odorata, Violae Odoratae Rhizoma, Viole de Carême, Violet, Violeta, Violette Commune, Violette des Haies, Violette de Mars, Violette Odorante, Violette à Parfum, Violier Commun, Wild Violet, Zi Hua Di Ding