Haldirams Pani Puri (30 Pcs)

Haldirams Pani Puri (30 Pcs)

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This pack contains 30 pani puris, dry masala, boondi, tamarind sauce to make delicious, mouth watering pain puri. Also known as gol gappa or paani patasa - street side style. Also called golgappa, golgappe

Pani Puri also called golgappa or Puchka is must-have street food in India. Such is the rage of Panipuri that many ladies who go on their 9-day Navratri fasts begin and end their fasts with the wholesome servings of golgappas. This is because they will not be able to gorge on their favorite golgappas for 9 days in succession. Isn't that interesting?

Whether small-town folks, image-conscious page-3 socialites, or hip youngsters, golgappas unite Indians of all social strata and age groups.

Every marketplace in India is conspicuous with these humble-looking puris. Upscale joints serve golgappas in style with all ingredients meticulously arranged in a tray. One has to carefully punch the puris in the center to create a small hollow pore, place each ingredient inside, and then savor it to their heart's content. 

However, the real fun of eating golgappas is at a roadside vendor. Street vendors serve golgappas in pure Desi style. They add a desi punch by serving the puris in pattals (bowls made of broad dried leaves).

It's an awe-binding sight to watch the street hawker cater to his customers. He seems to have the speed of a superman as his hands dip into the vessel to fill the puris with chatpata ingredients and pass the yummy delight to customers waiting impatiently.

Taste of Pani Puri

Well, it is not easy to define a single flavor for panipuri. As the crisp puri crumbles inside the mouth of the hungry customers, they experience a heavenly explosion of flavors! The taste ranges from a mix of cold, hot and spicy, sweet, tangy, tart, and crunchy. To summarize, it just tastes perfect.

Ingredients inside a Pani Puri

Pani puri is best savored with mashed potatoes, sweet chutney, mint chutney, chopped coriander, and tangy jaljeera water. Some vendors also add sprouts, beaten yogurt, boondi, and sev mix to spunk the sublime chaat.

While many plush eateries have started experimenting with panipuri- with creative twists like adding spiced vodka shots, guacamole, shredded cheese, and more- these offerings hardly interest gourmet enthusiasts. The reason being that panipuri is best enjoyed in desi style- eaten by hand, it does not go well with the fine table etiquette. 

The fun of eating panipuri on Indian streets

Eating panipuri is a “foodie roller-coaster ride”, the thrill of gorging panipuris with water dripping from the mouth is a delightful experience for pani puri lovers. 

And the best part is when mouthwatering customers with their pattals gaze at the Pani Puri wala (the hawker who sells panipuri) beseechingly, for their turn to come. Once they get their share, they just pop, crackle, gulp, and gasp to wait for their next serving! 

No wonder, desis living abroad miss all this fun. But, here is a savior. Many companies sell a Pani Puri kit- Haldiram’s Pani Puri Kit and Yumkeenz Pani Puri Kit. The kit comes with fried panipuris, dry masala, boondi, and tamarind sauce. One can prepare their favorite Indian roadside chaat at home by following easy instructions. Desis love to gather family and friends and recreate this golgappa magic within their homes. 

So, next time if you are looking to add desi-tadka to your party, just pick these ready-to-use Pani Puri kits and rock in style!

And, for those who want to start from scratch, here is Golgappa Pani Puri Pellet Fry with masala. One can deep fry the pellets in heated oil and prepare sauces and chutneys as per instructions given on the packaging.

When it comes to relishing the Indian roadside chaat, devouring Golgappe or pani puri rules the roost hands-down. Gulping these tiny tangy-minty delights with finesse requires some skill and expertise. Also known as Puchke, these are a special favourite among women. It is a common sight to watch women hangout at the roadside golgappe-wala and drool over this water-bombs in company of their friends. Remember watching Kangana dig into these mouth-watering delights in the Bollywood movie “Queen”?

Wanna experience gulping these mini-balls in the comfort of your home?  Try this Haldirams Pani Puri Kit to soothe your chaat cravings instantly.

Do you know what a flavourful panipuri/golgappa/gupchup/patashe tastes like?

I am sure you haven’t heard so many names of panipuri. These are the names I know after travelling across India. The world where I grew up, gupchup is the most common word as the gupchupwala (the person who sells gupchup in a small kiosk) would summon everyone shouting gupchup as he entered our colony. I grew up in a small town in eastern India with the privilege of tasting the most exotic gupchups in the world.

Let me introduce you to various types of pani puri I used to eat as I grew up in a little Indian village. 

1. Water filled gupchup, the most generic one with spicy potatoes and tangy tamarind water. The recipe from my favourite gupchupwala from my town is utterly simple. I take some boiled potatoes cooled enough to mash. I add some basic spices like salt to taste, cumin powder, chaat masala, black salt to mashed potatoes. To this, I add boiled black chickpeas, chopped coriander, chopped onions and green chillies (just add chillies if you like extremely spicy) and most important thing tamarind concentrate. Now, this is very important, adding sweet tamarind sauce and sour tamarind concentrate to gupchup mix increases flavors 10 times! Also, less known is the fact that if you put some crushed gupchup to the mixture, it also makes it tastier. This mixture can be eaten as such and has a funny name churmur. But, the real way of having pani puri is to put this mixture in popped readymade gupchups and tangy water. If I don't have the readymade sachets to make tangy gupchup water that comes with my gupchup box, then I usually make it by just adding tamarind paste to some water and the spices that I mentioned for the potato mixture. 

2. Bharwa gupchup. Follow the same recipe as the water filled gupchup but add some some additional ingredients like mashed vadas, more tamarind sauce and a pinch of black salt and red chilli powder

3. Double gupchup also called dahi puri. I start with the same potato mixture as for the water filled ones. Then, I take some readymade gupchups, add potato mixture, some diluted curd and tamarind sauce. To this, I add chaat masala, some more chopped onions, coriander, pomegrenade seeds and sev (gram flour mixture). 

What is your favorite recipe of panipuri? Have a look at this funny video to know what kind of golgappa eater you are!

Looking where to buy Haldirams Pani Puri kit in Canada? We offer home delivery everywhere in Canada. We also have MDH Pani Puri Masala.


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Haldirams Pani Puri (30 Pcs)