Black Urad Dal Whole Lentils

Black Urad Dal Whole Lentils

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Urad Dal Whole is undoubtedly one of the most loved lentil of India as it is used to prepare the famous Dal Makhni! You are sure to find Dal Makhani cooked with Urad Dal Whole in any wedding, restaurant or home cooking in India. To prepare Dal Makhani , black lentils are cooked with a hearty creamy sauce to give them a beautiful texture that can be enjoyed with naan bread or rice. The quality of restaurants in India is often judged by the taste and quality of Dal Makhni they can make. See video below for recipe of Dal Makhani. Also called urad daal

Black Urad Dal Whole, also called Split Black Gram in english, is a little black seed with a white creamy interior growing in India. Urad Dal has a strong hearty,  flavor from its black skin and is often used in Indian curries. Urad Dal contains a great amount of protein with 25 grams per serving. Black lentils also gives 21% of the recommended daily iron intake as well as 15% of the recommended daily calcium intake. As Urad Dal is packed with proteins and good quality fibres, it is known to help in loosing weight and lowering cholesterol.

Urad beans need to be soaked in water for at least 4 hours before cooking. The easiest way to cook black lentils is with a pressure cooker. After soaking the lentils for few hours, pressure cook them only with water or with spices and oil for 3 whistles. Urad lentils can also be cooked in boiling water for at least 30 minutes or until the lentil is tender.

Whole black urad dal is also called vigna mungo, black gram, urad bean, urid bean, minapa pappu, mungo bean or black matpe bean. Organic Split Black Gram Lentils. 

It is also possible to consume black urad dal split or only interior called urad dal split washed. 

These lentils are creamy white in color and have a milder flavor than whole Black Urad Dal. It is very nutritious and rich in protein.    

White Urad dal is very easy and quick to make and the addition of different tadkas makes this dal very flavorful and delicious.
Urad dal is very popular in Punjabi cuisine. In south India, urad dal is used as a seasoning with mustard seeds for curries and making various dishes such as Idli, Dosa, and Vada. White urad goes well with chapatti.

Dals or lentils are a high source of protein for people on a vegetarian diet. With so many varieties to choose from like the Toor DalMasoor DalMoong DalUrad Dal, and Chana Dal, one may be overwhelmed with which one to use. Well, each of these varieties comes with its nutrition profile.

Not many people know that Urad dal is a popular ingredient in Ayurvedic medicines.


Varieties of Urad Dal

Urad Dal is available in three forms and widely used in many traditional recipes. 

  • Whole Urad- One can make the delicious Dal makhani using the whole Urad and Rajma. Whole Urad can also be soaked overnight and used to prepare sprouts.
  • Split black urad with skin- This dal is well combined with Chana dal to make urad chana dal.

Health benefits of including Urad Dal in your diet

1: Helps in Digestion
Being a good source of insoluble and soluble fiber, Urad Dal aids in the digestion process. It is good for treating constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and cramps. Urad Dal is also a good liver stimulant.

2: Protects Your Heart
Magnesium and potassium found in Urad Dal are good for heart protection. The high fiber content along with these minerals balances the cholesterol levels and keeps the cardiovascular system robust. 

3: An excellent source of energy
The high iron content of urad dal health prevents anemia. Iron boosts the production of red blood cells in our body that carry oxygen to various organs. Therefore, pregnant women should consume Urad Dal as they run the risk of having anemia.

4: Enhances Bone Health
All the minerals in Urad dal like iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium improve bone density. Including urad dal regularly in your diet can prevent bone-related ailments such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

 5: Helps to Control Diabetes
Again, the high fiber content helps maintain the blood glucose levels. The fiber in the urad dal keeps you full for longer periods and aids in regulating the nutrients that are absorbed by your digestive tract. 

6: Good for Your Skin and hair
The high iron content increases the flow of oxygen in your body that directly translates to radiant skin. Consuming Urad Dal also strengthens hair because it is rich in essential fatty acids.


Because of the high protein content, urad dal can increase blood uric acid levels. It is not recommended for people suffering from gallstones, kidney stones, or gout. 

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Lentilles noires Urad

La lentille noire Urad entière est sans aucun doute l'une des lentilles les plus appréciées de l'Inde, car elle est utilisée pour préparer le célèbre Dal Makhni! Vous êtes sûr de trouver le Dal Makhani cuisiné avec les lentilles Urad dans tous les mariages, restaurants ou plats maison en Inde. Pour préparer le Dal Makhani, les lentilles noires sont cuites avec une sauce à la crème riche pour leur donner une belle texture qui peut être appréciée avec du pain naan ou du riz. La qualité des restaurants en Inde est souvent jugée par le goût et la qualité de leur Dal Makhni. Voir la vidéo ci-dessous pour une recette de Dal Makhani.

La lentille noire ou gramme noire est une petite fève noire dont l'intérieur est blanc crème qui est cultivée en Inde. La lentille noire Urad a une saveur forte et consistante provenant de sa peau noire et est souvent utilisé dans les currys indiens. Elle contient une grande quantité de protéines avec 25 grammes par portion. Les lentilles noires fournissent également 21% de l'apport quotidien recommandé en fer ainsi que 15% de l'apport quotidien en calcium recommandé. Comme elle regorge de protéines et de fibres de bonne qualité, elle est connue pour aider à perdre du poids et à réduire le cholestérol.

Les lentilles noires Urad doivent être trempées dans l'eau pendant au moins 4 heures avant d'être cuites. La façon la plus simple de cuire des lentilles noires est de les mettre dans un autocuiseur. Après avoir trempé les lentilles pendant quelques heures, faites-les cuire sous pression uniquement avec de l'eau ou avec des épices et de l'huile pour 3 sifflets. Les lentilles Urad peuvent également être cuites dans de l'eau bouillante pendant au moins 30 minutes ou jusqu'à ce que les lentilles soient tendres.

Il est également possible de consommer la lentille noire divisée (black urad dal split) ou sans sa couverture extérieure noire (Urad Dal Split Washed).