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Indian sweets are mouth-watering and delicious for any sweet lover and always fascinating for kids. The delicate flavor and a perfect dish to complete any meal are always served whole-heartedly. Who wouldn’t want to taste these sweets and desserts?

Here we have a huge list of various Indian sweets we are selling on our online Indian grocery in Canada. We are selling the best sweets with the same flavor as what you get in India. The list of sweets is gathered from various parts and multiple cuisines of India.


Gulab Jamun

Indian Sweets - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store

Balls of milk powder are fried in oil and dipped in a sugar syrup called chashni to provide a sweet and enhanced sweet flavor. In north India, it is the most famous and special sweet gift to give to relatives and friends on various occasions.

Gulab Jamun is also a prominent part of many rituals and kept on the table while worshiping god. It is a milk-solid-based dish popular in north India. The delicacy is originated from the Indian subcontinent, and the main ingredients are khoya and saffron. Saffron is generally added after dissolving with a little milk, which provides a decent yellow-orange color.

Every chef has their unique recipe or way to prepare Gulab Jamun. It all depends on the ingredient's ratio while making gulab jamun that how delicious they will come out after preparation.

You can buy the premix of balls, which makes it easier to make gulab jamun for any beginner.



Indian Sweets - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store

Rasgulla is the healthiest Indian sweet dish as it has less fat content. It is very famous in Bengal and prominently served in festivals and other occasions. They are prepared in advance and chilled before serving to the guests.

Rasgulla has a high protein and carbohydrates content and less sugar content, making it a healthier and delectable sweet in India. Milk is curdled slowly and passed through the muslin cloth to make delicious balls of rasgulla. In the end, soft paneer balls are submerged in sugar syrup called chashni to get the most enhanced flavor served in any restaurant or at sweet shops.



Indian Sweets - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store

Making perfect juicy and spongy rasmalai is talent, and to make it even more delicious, perfect flavors have to be added to give mouth-watering flavor to the dish. In the name, Ras means "Juice," and Malai means "Cream."

When both are prepared together while taking care of the ratio, it comes out to be the most delicious Indian sweet.

The serving temperature of the sweet is cold and known as rossomalai in the Bengali language. Vanilla flavored rasmalai is a more famous and popular flavor making cheesy dumplings the best option that one can gift at festivals.


Soan Papdi

Indian Sweets - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store

The oldest and tastiest Indian sweet which has been served over decades at Indian festivals in India. We can gift it to family members and friends. We have seen many flavors and versions of soan papdi in the past few years. But the authentic taste and the layers created while making soan papdi is the most promising part.

The yellow-colored sweet is most liked by kids due to its texture. None of the Indian sweet could be dominant in the presence of soan papdi in Indian functions or festivals.



Indian Sweets - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store

Petha is the most famous Indian sweet known in Agra, UP. It is being served for many years and famous by the name "Agra Ka Petha" in India. It is being prepared and sold at various cities in India with different flavors.

It is soft in structure and chewy with a candy-like flavor. Rectangular in shape and most famous among kids.

It is cooked on coal rather than giving straight flame through the cooking range. Therefore, the preparation method of petha is quite different from making any other sweet dish. It is dipped in chashni (sugary water) at last. Its main ingredient is ash gourd vegetables also known as winter melon.


Besan Ladoo

Indian Sweets - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store

A variety of ladoos are being prepared with different flavors and tastes in Indian cuisine. For decades, chefs are trying different variations in different flavors to make something mouth-watering yet healthy.

Besan ladoo is prepared from gram flour, sugar, ghee, and other flavors. These are added together in the correct ratio to make a soft and perfectly cooked besan ladoo.

Roasting besan on low heat is done precisely while taking care of the gram flour's raw flavor and aroma. Also, the color is perfectly light to dark brown while roasting gram flour. You can buy besan ladoos already prepared or buy the different ingredients and try to prepare it yourself!


Besan Burfi

Indian Sweets - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store

Besan barfi and besan laddoo are very closely related Indian sweet dishes that are quite similar by preparation method. Only a bit of flavor and the shape is changed while making them.

It is a traditional Indian sweet that people like for years, and it is the easiest recipe prepared with very few ingredients.

Over the years, there are many variations cooked with different flavors. So, one can try different tastes and flavors which are added to the barfi.


Gajar Ka Halwa

Indian Sweets - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store

Carrot is available in the winter season in pure red color in India. It is very delicious and juicy in taste. People use it for cooking main course dishes as well as dessert. The most common and famous dessert prepared through carrots is Gajar ka Halwa.

The essential thing that the cook has to look after is its slow preparation on low flame. It is never recommended to cook milk to make gajar halwa on high flame. The slow preparation of the dish helps in enhancing the flavor and taste.

Over the years, it is the best sweet dish in the winter season. Nowadays, many variations are being served with different flavors like Gulab, Kesar, and many more.

Khoya or Mawa is completely optional while making gajar ka halwa. Add various dry fruits in carrot halwa, and it will enhance the taste of the same.

Most of the sweet shops are cooking it due to customers' huge demand throughout the winter season.



Indian Sweets - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store

Why should one worry when you have a craving for Kulfi, and no vendor is available near your house? At that time, you can easily buy gits kulfi mix and make Kulfi at your home quickly. It is a perfect 100-gram pack to which you only need to add milk.

There is no one to stop you from tasting a very delicious recipe with few drops of Rooh Afza on the top. It adds a flavor and color to the sweet. Due to the less availability of Kulfi at different places, it becomes difficult to enjoy. Now, no need to worry as the milk candy is here, which can be prepared quickly after guests' arrival.

In the summer season, people love to enjoy Kulfi at night after dinner. It completes the meal and makes it taste better in your mouth. Also, one can buy and eat different flavors of Kulfi with fantastic taste.



Jalebi - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store

Another famous and delicious delicacy which people love to enjoy with a half cup of milk. It is also used as the main thing while worshiping god at the Diwali festival.

But, making Jalebi is not easy if you have a tight hand in making Indian sweets. To resolve the problems, chefs have prepared some premix of jalebi mixtures that one has to open and mix before frying.

The tricky part of making a jalebi is to make a round shape while frying at the correct temperature. The holding of Jalebi while frying depends on the temperature and thickness of the batter.

Note: After making Jalebi's from the premix, one has to dip them in chashni, which is a mixture of water and sugar, cooked well until thick consistency.


Bondi Ke Ladoo

Another delicious ladoo prepared from tiny balls of gram flour. It is another form of Bondi. Most popular during festival time in India. These are relished by kids and enjoyed with fun.

The preparation of ladoo is very easy. Once small bondis are fried. Let the Bondi cools down for hours and then crush them completely. After this, the shape of a small round ball is given to make ladoos. The round shape given to the ladoo by chefs looks so appealing and eye-catching that buyer loves to eat the delicacy.


How to Choose which Indian Sweet is Best?

As we have seen above, many prominent flavored best Indian sweets are being served worldwide with different flavors and add-ons. It becomes challenging to choose the one with a prominent flavor as per your likings. So, here are some tips for selecting the best sweet:

  • First, decide which flavor you like and how mild and robust the taste you want to have on your platter.
  • After this, one has to choose the form of dessert. It means liquidy, semi-liquidy, or reliable. For example- Kheer, ladoo, halwa, ras malai, and many more.
  • Now, the amount of sugar used in various sweets is different, and here one has to choose if you like more sugar or less.
  • Choosing healthier options in sweet dishes is different, but if we research, there are many preparations done by Gud (Jagger) instead of crystal sugar. Jaggery is healthier than sugar.
  • Always have less quantity of dessert on your platter to consume fewer calories. Or choose a sweet with fewer calories itself.

In this way, one can choose the best option for a sweet dish. Indian sweet dishes are fascinating, and we all know how easy it is to take a piece and have a mouth-watering flavor.

As people's taste is enhanced and developed, chefs are now giving more effort to prepare delicious dishes with a different flavor to fulfill the need of upcoming demands.


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