Get to know the types of rice!

Get to know the types of rice!

There are so many different types of rice out there and honestly, it still confuses me as to which rice to use for which dish! I thought I will do a little bit of research and hope this article serves as a quick guide to all your rice needs.

1.Basmati rice

Long-grained and aromatic, basmati is the choice in many of the northern states. This rice is great for pulao and biriyanis as well. Both brown and white basmati rice is available. The brown variety of the rice contains the bran that is the husk around the grain and the germ as well. Hence, the brown version has a firmer texture and the white version is starchy and fluffy.

 2.Sona Masoori (Masuri)

 This rice is very popular in Andhra Pradesh, Telegana and Karnataka. This rice is lower in starch content than the other forms of white rice and the grain length is shorter than basmati. This rice is amazing for stir fry recipes and for variety rice recipes as well.

 3.Matta rice

Indigenous to Kerala, this rice can easily be distinguished from other rice types because of its color. The grains are a slight reddish color and they are famous for all the lamb, beef and red meat recipes. This rice uses a little more water to cook compared to all the other types mentioned here. It is rich in fibre and high in magnesium as well. If you are ever thinking of serving a traditional Kerala curry, make sure you have some matta rice to go with it!

 4.Ponni rice

This rice is commonly eaten in Tamil Nadu and it is parboiled rice. This rice has a low glycemic index in comparison to untreated rice. This rice is great for your rasam and sambar! The raw version of this rice is ground and used to make idiyappam (string hoppers). 

 5.Idly rice

As the name suggests, this rice is used for making the dosa, idly batter. This rice is a little more rounded and shorter than the ponni rice. It makes your idlies fluffy and nice! If you are looking to make a crispy light dosa or fluffy round idlies, this is the rice for you!


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