Authentic Spices of India

Authentic Spices of India

Whenever someone thinks of Indian cooking, their mind immediately wanders to the aromatic world of spices. The world of Indian spices is one of great renown that has filled our cuisine with exotic textures and tastes and our stomachs with elevated delicacies. There are many such incredible spices out of which we are going to scrutinize five now.


There are two kinds of cardamom that can be utilized: green and black. The green cardamom is much lighter in flavor and is added to all kinds of dishes such as lassis (Indian beverage) and desserts. It is better to store green cardamom in the pod so that it is not exposed and does not lose its flavor. Black cardamom has a very powerful taste and the seeds are normally used instead of the pod which is very spicy to bite into. Cardamoms are an essential part of making a mouth-watering curry.


Cloves are a staple in Indian cooking and it derives its distinct taste from the concentration of oils it holds. They contain important nutrients, are high in antioxidants, kill off bacteria and may also provide protection against cancer. They are widely used in rice, sauce and meat dishes and are renowned for adding their sweet-spicy taste wherever they are sprinkled.


Black pepper is a spice native to India that can be found primarily in the Western Ghats and Malabar region. It is renowned for its ability to add a dazzling depth of flavor and heat to whatever it garnishes. It is widely used in savory dishes and fascinatingly, is also used to add an extra spicy zinger to desserts such as cakes and biscuits.


Cumin seeds are primarily used for cooking and it is suggested that they are toasted before use to extract their pure nuttiness to the greatest degree. Cumin can help improve digestion and also possesses anti-flatulent properties. It can be predominantly found as an ingredient in curries, spice mixes, and other savory dishes.


Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world which requires a load of labor to acquire. It can help reduce Premenstrual syndrome in women and also fight cancer. Saffron, with its potent taste in small quantities, is an excellent partner to a multifarious selection of dishes including stews, risottos, puddings, and ice-creams.

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