MDH Deggi Mirch Chilli Powder Mild Hot (100 gm)

MDH Deggi Mirch Chilli Powder Mild Hot (100 gm)

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MDH Deggi Mirch is flavorful and tasty. It's a unique, age old blend, processed from special varieties of colorful Indian red chillies. The mild-hot and imparts glowing natural red color to curried dishes making them attractive and more palatable. Simply follow the cooking directions provided for a delicious meal that everyone will love.

What is Deggi Mirch? 

Degi Mirch Chilli Powder is an indian spice made from the dried fruits of colorful red peppers and Kashmiri red chillies. The peppers are grounded into a crimson red colour fine powder. As the chilli peppers ages, it loses its color and flavor. Hence, if the deggi mirch powder is more red, it means it's more spicy!!! 

The natural bright red color of Deghi Mirch chilli powder will give a glowing red color to your indian curries making them attractive and more palatable. Use MDH Deggi Mirch to prepare dal, tandoori chicken and rice.

Looking for a milder red chilli powder? Use MDH Kashmiri Mirch Chilli Powder.

Just like all zesty and racy Indian spices, deggi mirch is a colorful blend of red Indian chillies carefully created to add flaming red tinge to curries and dry vegetables. If you are looking for mild spice in your meals with a dash of color then deggi mirch is your ideal choice.

Whether soups, stews, tandoori chicken, mixed vegetables, lentils, sambhar, paranthas, pulao or biryanis, deggi mirch can add a brilliant spark to any dish. 

Flavor of Deggi Mirch-

The flavor can vary from mild to spicy hot depending upon the color. The strength of spice is mentioned on the packets. The brighter the color of the mirch, the stronger its flavor is. 

How to select-

Powdered deggi mirch is easy to find. Buy only a well sealed packet. Some stores even sell whole deggi mirch that can be dried and then ground to a fine powder. 

Benefits of Deggi Mirch-

  1. It is a good antioxidant and a rich source of Vitamin C.
  2. Keep 3-4 dry deggi mirch in the rice and sugar container to ward off insects and pests. 

How to use-

When using deggi mirch to season your recipes, add it along with other spices. Heat oil, add cumin seeds and fry onions till they turn golden brown. Add tomatoes and let them cook a little. Now add turmeric, coriander powder, deggi mirch and salt.

It can be added as a sprinkle on raita or any yogurt dish as a seasoning.

How to store-

Whole Deggi Mirch or powdered Deggi Mirch can be stored in an airtight container, in a cool and dry place.

Deggi Mirch loses its flavor and color with time so it should be bought in small quantities.

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MDH Deggi Mirch

MDH Deggi Mirch est un mélange unique élaboré à partir de variétés spéciales de piments rouges indiens colorés. Cette poudre de chili est moyennement épicée et confère une couleur rouge naturelle éclatante aux plats de curry, ce qui les rend attrayants et plus agréables. Suivez simplement les instructions de cuisson fournies sur l'emballage pour un délicieux repas que tout le monde adorera.

Qu'est-ce que la poudre de chili Deggi Mirch?

Degi Mirch est une épice indienne à base de poivrons rouges et de piments rouges du Cachemire. Les poivrons sont moulus en une poudre fine de couleur rouge éclatante. À mesure que les piments rouges vieillissent, ils perdent leur couleur et leur saveur. Par conséquent, si la poudre Deggi Mirch est plus rouge, cela signifie qu'elle est plus épicée !!!

La couleur rouge naturelle de la poudre de piment Deghi Mirch donnera une couleur rouge éclatante à vos currys indiens, les rendant attrayants et agréables au goût. Utilisez MDH Deggi Mirch pour préparer du dal, du poulet tandoori et du riz.

Vous recherchez une poudre de piment rouge moins épicée? Utilisez la poudre MDH Kashmiri Mirch.

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