Green Cosco Cricket Ball

Green Cosco Cricket Ball

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The game of cricket is synonymous with the heartbeat of Indians. The popular sport unites Indians like no other and is more like a national treasure in India.

No wonder every Indian has an uncanny association with this high paced game.

Why is cricket so popular in India?

Cricket was introduced in India by European merchants in the 18th century and the first cricket club was established in 1792.

Ever since its popularity has grown manifolds.

Cricket is a simple game that requires no fancy set up. The game is easy to play, one just needs a bat and a ball to get started. It is easily affordable and that’s one of the main reasons for its popularity.

In this blog, we will talk about the Green Cosco Cricket Ball, a super comfortable cricket ball that makes the game even more enjoyable! 

Green Cosco Cricket Ball 

Green Cosco Cricket Ball is a value-for-money cricket ball that comes with the following features-

  • Green Cosco Cricket Ball is a resilient and lightweight ball, weighing approximately 75 gms.
  • The ball is just perfectly bouncy to help you enjoy the game.
  • It's ight weight makes it easy to hold while playing.
  • The main material of Green Cosco Cricket Ball is high grade rubber covered with felt. It makes the ball durable under all weather conditions.
  • The ball comes in many colors but the most popular color is green.
  • The soft outer material of Green Cosco Cricket Ball makes one feel comfortable while holding the ball.
  • It is water resistant and therefore good for daily use.
  • Green Cosco Cricket Ball  is strong enough for hard ground.


If you love playing cricket then order Green Cosco Cricket Ball today to add comfort and delight to your game!

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