The Legacy of Parle G products!

The Legacy of Parle G products!

A Parle G biscuit dipped into hot Indian chai and then straight into the mouth before the soggy piece drops back into the tea-this is a common scene in every household or in any tea stall. In 2011, Parle G consolidated its position as the world’s largest selling biscuit brand, topping the world’s leading biscuit brands.

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India’s largest glucose biscuit maker, Parle Products, has an almost a century-old legacy worth discovering. The legacy started in 1929 when Mohanlal Dayal Chauhan, an ordinary man from a small village in Gujarat, set up a confectionary factory, named the House of Parle, with twelve people in the suburbs of Mumbai, in the western state of Maharashtra.

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What was unique about the newly arrived Parle Gluco biscuits into the market was their role as supplements for original energy-giving glucose in each biscuit, along with the usual ingredients of milk and wheat. The homemade biscuits in the still British-dominated Indian market, thus, stood out of the rest as a combination of a healthy diet and a fun-filled tasty snack.

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While the packaging has evolved through time, the present yellow and white striped wax paper, with a thick red band running across, has survived through the years. The modified packaging came with a slight change in the brand name as well – from Parle Gluco to Parle-G. Fans were also introduced to the image of a little girl that eventually became a visual icon. Dismissing all the trending speculations on the true identity of the little girl, Mayank Shah, the group products manager at Parle Products, clarifies that it is just an illustration created by Everest Creative back in the 1960s.

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From the moment of its entry into the market until the present date, Parle G has and always will get the maximum share of love from its fans as it has become synonymous with mass branding.


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