The EPIC history of Thums Up!

The EPIC history of Thums Up!

In the late seventies, The Coca Cola company was forced to withdraw from India as new regulations required all foreign companies to sell 60% of equity to Indian owners.

This left the Indian cola market virtually vacant & local players such as Parle (Thums Up), Pure Drinks (Campa Cola) & McDowell's (Crush) launched their own brands which took the market ablaze! 


The local Indian Cola party converted to a cola war when the government opened its borders to foreign companies again in the early 90's. However, this war was short lived as The Coca Cola company bought Thums Up (85% market share at the time) to compete against Pepsi which had also started gaining prominence. 



During early years, Coca Cola wanted to discontinue Thums Up but soon realized that customers would rather move from Thums Up to competitor Pepsi rather than Coke. This forced Coca-Cola to reinvest in the Thums Up brand through celebrities such as Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar and defining it as a male centered, adventurous brand.



Till date, Thums Up holds more than a third of the cola segment in India and continues to enjoy popularity amongst Indian households. So, have you tasted the THUNDER?


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