Thandai- A refreshing summer coolant

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Who doesn’t like a refreshing drink that makes your summer times cool and something to look forward to? Well, here’s a super-addictive drink that will have you hug the summer season like never before! 

We are talking about Thandai, a drink mainly popular in the Northern part of India, especially during the scorching summers.


What is Thandai? 

Thandai gets its name from Thand that translates to cold in Hindi, Thandai means ‘a refreshing drink’ and true to its name, it has a cooling effect on the system.

The thick and delicious Thandai is loaded with nuts and has an aroma of fragrant spices. It nfuses the richness of saffron, almonds, Pistachios, cashews, watermelon kernels, poppy seeds, fennel seeds, rose petals, cardamom, pepper, in milk and sugar

Thandai is purely vegetarian and gluten-free.

Why makes Thandai so popular

Thandai is native to India. The drink is mainly consumed during the festive occasion of Maha Shivaratri and Holi festival. However, due to it’s yummy and aromatic flavor, Thandai is a favorite drink during summertime.

Thandai is not only rich and refreshing, but also fairly easy-to-make.

Many stores sell the Thandai powder with simple instructions on the packaging. One can also find many readymade varieties of Thandai, where you just open the can and gulp the cool beverage to quench the summer thirst. 

With Holi just around the corner, don't forget to serve your family and friends with this refreshing summer beverage.



Health Benefits of Thandai

Here's one drink that is luscious and also loaded with healthy ingredients-

  • Energy booster– Healthy nuts in Thandai like almonds, pistachios, cashews, and melon seeds provide instant energy to the body.
  • Immunity booster– Healthy spices like cardamom, cinnamon, peppercorn, and nutmeg present in Thandai help fight infection and are good for your immunity.
  • Super coolant– Ingredients present in Thandai like saffron, fennel seeds, and rose petals have a cooling effect on the system.
  • Detoxifier- Cardamom in Thandai detoxifies your system.
  • Good for digestion– Poppy seeds aid in digestion and are a main ingredient in Thandai.

Say cheers to summer heat this season with a generous helping of the cool-cool Thandai!


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