Stay cool With Navratna Oil

Stay cool With Navratna Oil

Getting an oil massage with a gentle caress is something we all long for. In India, it is common to watch mothers lovingly rub fragrant oils on the scalp of their kids. It is not an overstatement that a fond hair massage evokes a loving bond between an Indian mother and her kids. We all have grown up to this wonderful endearment. All of you who have relished this head massage will agree that its euphoria is hard to put into words.

Navratna Oil - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store


Oils like coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, and sometimes even warm mustard oil have been used in Indian households for a magic rub. 

Some of these oils alleviate the heat and invigorate your senses with their cooling properties.

Navratna oil is one such massage oil that beats the scorching summer treat. It is also said to improve blood circulation. Doesn’t that sound like a double distinction? Let's quickly learn more about this relaxing herbal oil.

Touted as the best Ayurvedic oil in the market, Navratna oil is a treat for your luscious mane. Navratana is the Sanskrit derivation of Nav (nine), Ratnas (gems), meaning the nine gems, hence the name Navratna. This unique hair remedy is prepared from the blend of 9 Ayurvedic herbs. The main ingredients are Amla, Thyme, Sesame oil, Camphor, Menthol, and Rosemary Oil. Its fragrant smell comes from the blend of these potent herbs. The oil is pink in color and has a greasy texture.

Navratna Oil - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store


The best thing about Navratna oil is that it does not have any chemical ingredients in it.

The multi-functional oil has numerous benefits that can be summarized as below-

  • Promotes hair growth 
  • Improves texture of hair
  • It prevents hair loss
  • A gentle body massage also relaxes muscles and helps relieve fatigue
  • Keeps head cool and aids in sound sleep
  • Provides nourishment to the scalp
Navratna Oil - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store




Navratna oil comes in a transparent bottle with a flip open cap. Its final packaging comes in a carton box. It is advised to put the oil back in its carton box after use to avoid the shelf from becoming greasy.

Navratna Oil - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store



Gently rub into your scalp twice a week. Let it remain on your scalp for 2 hours before washing off with shampoo. 


Disclaimer : This information does not constitute medical advice in any way and has not been written by a certified medical specialist. You should always consult your doctor for medical advice. 


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