Soya Chaap- The ultimate vegetarian delight!

by Shanu Pande
September 06, 2021

Are you a vegetarian who yearns to try those chunks of meat when hanging out with your non-vegetarian friends? Hey, don’t be disillusioned anymore! Here is a dish that perfectly satiates the palette of vegetarian foodies who are fascinated by the sumptuous non-vegetarian varieties.

Soys Chaap - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store

Any guesses for this one? It is the irresistible Soya Chaap!

Soya Chaap is a fairly new addition to the veggie menu but has soared in its popularity among gourmet enthusiasts. Foodies love to gorge on this seekh kabab-like mock-meat variety; it gives them a perfect chance to dig on those chunks of Soya just like chicken nuggets or mutton kebabs.

Soya Chaap - Singal's- Indian Grocery Store

What is Soya Chaap made of?

As the name explains, Soya Chaap is made from nutritious soya chunks and soya bean flour with some all-purpose flour (maida). One can also use whole wheat flour instead of maida for a healthier version. The dough is made of all these ingredients and then wrapped around skewers or wood sticks to give it a meat-like appearance.

Soya Chaap - Singal's- Indian Grocery Store


How does one eat Soya Chaap?

There are quite many varieties of Soya Chaap that help recreate the magic of meat-like recipes.

  • Soya Chaap Curry- Soya Chaap is most popularly enjoyed as the gravy variety. The Soya Chaap curry loaded with spicy masalas is relished best with roti or naan
Soya Chaap - Singal's- Indian Grocery Store
  • Soya Chaap Tikka- The succulent Soya Chaap Tikka can be eaten as a snack. 
Soya Chaap - Singal's- Indian Grocery Store
  • Soya Chaap Rolls- The delectable Soya Malai Chaap rolls have also gained prominence of late. 
Soya Chaap - Singal's- Indian Grocery Store
  • Soya Chaap Sizzlers- Much to the delight of foodies who prefer a plant-based diet, many barbeque restaurants also serve the tasty Soya Chaap as sizzlers.
Soya Chaap - Singal's- Indian Grocery Store
  • Soya Chaap Street Style- Many street cart hawkers sell the creamy Soya Chaap Masala and Tandoori Soya Chaap with paper-thin roomali roti or naan. Tandoori Chaap street-style with mint chutney tastes just heavenly. It makes for a delicious evening snack for hungry souls who love something bold yet earthy. 
Soya Chaap - Singal's- Indian Grocery Store


However, the process of making Soya Chaap is a bit cumbersome, and therefore, many stores sell frozen or canned Soya Chaap that is easier to dish out.

Soya Chaap - Singal's- Indian Grocery Store


In short, Soya Chaap is a highly proteinaceous variety that makes for the best alternative to meat in a vegetarian diet. It is a welcome treat for vegetarians who are bored with their overexposure to the diverse representations of paneer and malai kofta. 

Today, as the world is moving towards a more plant-based diet, Soya Chaap will rule the roost for its high protein content.


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