Sari- An Embodiment of Indian Culture

Sari- An Embodiment of Indian Culture


Indian sari is the true reflection of elegance and oomph of Indian women. It is the cultural icon of the Indian subcontinent. This beautiful attire compliments the grace of Indian women to the fore. Sari consists of a drape varying from 4.5 to 8 metres in length, worn with a fitted bodice (choli or blouse) and a petticoat (skirt). 


The wardrobe of Indian women adapts itself to the changing styles and fashion. From traditional salwar kameezes to contemporary pencil skirts, trousers and formal suits, Indian women love to experiment with their looks and style. However, one attire that has withstood the pressure of ever-changing trends of fashion is the classic sari.

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In the words of the famous Vidya Balan, “I enjoy the sari. I think it’s the sexiest garment ever. It shows you the right amount. It covers the right amount. It’s extremely versatile. It suits every body type. It suits every face.”

The ever graceful, classic and gorgeous sari is made in a variety of fabrics ranging from pure silk to chiffon to georgette, cotton and even khadi. India is a storehouse of an amazing array of saris. In addition to this, there are unique saree draping styles catering to the needs of every woman to suit different occasions. Let’s take a quick peek into some popular draping styles-

Nivi- The most popular style of draping the saree is the Nivi style which owes its origins to Andhra Pradesh. A mix of contemporary and traditional, Nivi style is an all occasion drape meant for family functions, festivals and cocktail parties.

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Kappulu- Very elegant drape, Kappulu style accentuates the feminine curves most beautifully. The narrow pleats at the back and two cascading fabrics in the front are the unique highlights of this style.

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Nauvari- Remember Madhuri Dixit grooving in style to the tunes of “Humko Aajkal Hai Intezaar” or more recently, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone in "Pinga" song, all resplendent in Nauvari sari! The sari is worn around the legs like a dhoti to permit easy movement of the legs especially during Lavni dance.

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Gol Sari- This Parsi style sari was worn by Ileana D’Cruz in the movie Rustom and by Shabana Azmi in the movie Pestonjee. This elegant drape worn by Parsi womenfolk has gara or pallu coming from behind and cascading in loose folds over left shoulder. The front of the gara cascades close to the hem.

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Some quick tips-
1. You need a matching (same color) petticoat to wear with your sari. Bodice (blouse) can be matching or in contrast color.

2. A pair of comfortable heels compliments your sari beautifully. Always wear your footwear before draping a saree to get the right length of the sari.

3. Keep 3-4 safety pins ready for pinning-up your sari.

4. Accessorize with jewellery and proper makeup to complete your look.

In modern times, women have given saris a contemporary twist by pairing it with a shirt, teaming it with T.Shirts or even denim.
The latest sari trends that have taken the fashion fraternity by storm are the readymade pleated sari and the sari with frills.

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