Ragi Millet - Nutrition in every bite

Ragi Millet - Nutrition in every bite
Ragi Millet - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store


Ragi is the talk of the town these days. It is, in fact, among the superfoods that are gaining momentum around the globe. But, what makes this super Millet so special? 

Let’s unravel the nutritional profile of the humble Ragi flour

What is Ragi flour? 

Ragi flour is a highly nutritious powder obtained from crushing the Ragi grains. Ragi grains resemble mustard seeds but are deep red (not black) in color. Therefore, Ragi flour has a reddish tinge to it. Today, one can also buy organic Ragi flour.

Ragi is called Finger millet in English and Gierstbloem in Dutch. The healthy cereal goes by different names in different states; Ragulu in Telugu, Nachani in Marathi, Bhav in Gujarati, and Madua in Bengali.

Ragi is a wholesome food and suitable for all age groups. This superfood has long been used as a traditional baby food, but adults have also become aware of its umpteen benefits.

It is, therefore, a hot favorite among health buffs. Because of its tremendous health benefits, you can add Ragi flour or Ragi grains to a meal daily. 

Ragi Millet - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store


How to use Ragi flour?

One can use the Ragi flour in a variety of ways.

One can sprout ragi at home through an easy process or buy the readily available Ragi flour. The millet is fairly versatile and can be used in numerous recipes, like roti, naan, bread, pancakes, porridge, upma, idlis, dosas, and even cookies.


Ragi Millet - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store


Ragi is also available in the roasted form; its nutty flavor makes for a yummy snack.

Health benefits of Ragi

  • Protein- Ragi is an excellent source of protein. The essential amino acids, such as methionine, found in Ragi are crucial for health and are not commonly found in other grains. 
  • Fiber- Ragi is a good source of fiber. Consuming Ragi regularly in your diet improves gut health and also aids in weight loss as it keeps you feeling full for longer periods.
  • Calcium- The calcium content in Ragi is more than double than in other sources of food.
  • Helps control diabetes- The phytochemicals found in the outer coat of Ragi are excellent for regulating blood sugar levels.
  • Gluten free- For people suffering from gluten allergy, Ragi is a good substitute as it is gluten-free.

Additionally, Ragi is also believed to have anti-cancer, anti-aging and anti-microbial properties.

How to sprout Ragi?

Ragi Millet - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store
  • Wash the Ragi grains in clean water. 
  • Soak grains for 8-10 hours. 
  • Drain out excess water using a wide strainer. Cover the strainer with a porous thin cloth (Muslin). Leave these grains to rest in the strainer for 12-15 hours. 
  • Within 12-15 hours, the sprouts will start appearing. 
  • You can season the sprouted Ragi with sauces, black salt, black pepper, and chopped veggies of your choice to relish a super-healthy Ragi salad. 


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