Gift of Ayurveda : Indian Natural Herbs- Part 2

Gift of Ayurveda : Indian Natural Herbs- Part 2

Moringa powder

          Moringa powder can be considered the jack of all trades due to the numerous benefits it can provide with a delicious spinach kind of flavor. It is rich in most of the essential nutrients required for the body along with high fiber content. These properties of moringa can supplement various synthetic supplements. The powdered extract of moringa can be used to treat fatigue, boost your immunity, improve muscle mass, aid in vision due to its high vitamin A content, its anti-diabetic properties and in maintaining bones. You can make yourself a sumptuous salad and add this powder as a dressing. This can also be consumed with lukewarm water as tea!


Ratan Jot

          Ratan Jot scientifically known as Alkanna tinctora is found in the Mediterranean and in tropical places like India. The roots of this plant contain a red pigment which can be used as a dye in food coloring. Along with its commercial uses, it has various health benefits like healing scars and anti-viral activity.  Ratanjot has also been used in treating dreadful diseases like Herpes. It helps in maintaining lustrous hair, filters blood from toxins, reduces blood pressure and can be used in treating sleeping disorders.  It is an anti-inflammatory agent and is often used in soothing pain. The roots can be consumed by grinding it into a powder mixed with hot water.  It can also be extracted as oil and can be applied or can be reduced in the form of syrup.


Ajwain Seeds

          Ajwain seeds also known as bishop’s weed is a common household spice in an Indian kitchen. It is native to India and is used as an ayurvedic for its strong essence. In addition to its abundant health benefits, it also enriches the flavor of all your dishes. Commonly used in treating abdominal anomalies like indigestion and acidity, some of its other health benefits include treating the common cold, tooth pain, anti-fungal, and germicidal properties helping in wound healing. It is also used as a mosquito repellent and in easing arthritic pain. The seeds can be used as a drink when boiled in water for treating indigestion and as a paste when to applied on the skin.


           I hope that we will all incorporate these natural products wherever possible in our cooking and in improving our overall health! These natural products free of any preservatives and chemicals have so much more to offer for the betterment of our lives.

Disclaimer: This article does not provide any medical advice. Please consult your own health professional for any medical advice.

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