Nutritious & Colorful Rotis! Why not?

Nutritious & Colorful Rotis! Why not?

Colorful Roti

Roti is a staple in every Indian household and the house can run without anything but not without some atta! We all love our light fluffy rotis with our favourite subzi. Now, how about I give you an idea which I learnt recently, to enhance not only the flavour and colour of your roti but also one which adds immense nutritional value to it.



We all have kids struggling to eat their vegetables and at times even we do not want to have them. This is why I have started incorporating my vegetables into my roti and I urge you to try out this amazing trick as well.



You can pick any vegetable that you like, examples of my regular favourites include spinach, beetroot, carrot and broccoli. After grabbing the vegetable of your choice, blanch it or boil it according to the requirements of the chosen vegetable and puree it. Now, instead of mixing water to make your roti dough, use this puree and as you can see from the pictures, you will have an array of colours!



This way, subconsciously we are consuming only half the amount of Atta that we would regularly consume. If on a regular basis you eat two rotis, sticking to the same two rotis, you only consume the atta content of one roti thereby reducing your carbohydrate intake.


This article was inspired by the Youtube channel, Satvic Movement. 


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