Maggi & Indians : A long love story!

Maggi & Indians : A long love story!

You have probably eaten Maggi hundreds of times but did you know who actually invented it? It's a Swiss guy called Julius Maggi! Maggi first set its roots in India with a factory in Moga, Punjab in 1961. But it really caught the nation's attention during the 1983 cricket World Cup when it was famously advertised as the 2 minute noodles taking the market by the storm. 




Since then it has been loved by Indians all over the world and across all age groups. It is a favorite food in the mountains in India where it is tough to get a variety of ingredients. It is most loved by youngsters in schools and colleges who eat it like a ritual. All across the country it is easy to find 'Maggi points' where chefs prepare Maggi in different styles and serve customers by the road-side. 



In 2015, there were some serious safety concerns raised in India with regards to lead levels in Maggi causing the product to be banned nation wide. Nestle always maintained that their product is safe. After repeated testing and product recalls, Maggi was allowed back on the market after a few months. During this time there were a number of debates among Indians who were torn between the food they loved for decades and safety. 



Following popular consumer demand, Maggi introduced healthier versions of their instant noodles including higher amount of fibre made with wholewheat and oats. These versions along with a variety of flavors are now common in India however the original still holds the highest regards in people's hearts. 



It's the end of the month, you are broke and you are hungry. There are only two options left - mummy or Maggi. And you know which one you are choosing! So how do you like to enjoy your Maggi?



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