Kayam Churan- An Ayurvedic boon for your digestive health and more!

Kayam Churan- An Ayurvedic boon for your digestive health and more!
Kayam Churan - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store


Aren’t we big fans of all things spicy and zesty? Whether music, movies, activities, or romance, we all crave some spicy adventure in life. The same goes for our food. Even though it triggers a mild response in our body, we still spruce up our recipes with a fiery touch-up.

Also, every few days our penchant for food yearns for something new and appetizing. Such days have us line up outside our favorite burger restaurant or pizza pick up eateries.

Then there are times when we seek comfort foods, most of which are not very healthy for our system.

All this wreaks havoc on our digestion. This may manifest itself in symptoms such as acidity, gas, bloating, constipation, and even mouth ulcers in extreme cases.

Today, we talk about an Ayurvedic herbal composition that is 100% natural and offers a cure for all this and much more! 

Kayam Churna, it is!

Kayam Churan - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store

Prepared with a combination of herbs, Kayam Churna is the right cure for long-lasting digestive problems. Before we learn more about this potent natural remedy, let’s take a quick look into its all-natural components-

Kayam Churan - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store


Next, we dig into the benefits of this wonder formula and what conditions it can treat-

Kayam Churan - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store
  • Constipation- The laxative properties of Kayam Churna offer one of the best cures for constipation.
  • Hyperacidity- Chronic constipation results in hyperacidity which can be a nuisance. By curing constipation, Kayam Churna offers an indirect treatment for hyperacidity
  • Digestive complaints- Kayam Churna fosters the growth of healthy gut microbes, improves food-breakdown, and increases the production of digestive juices. All this results in enhanced digestion.
  • Headache, gas, and bloating- Poor digestion is often accompanied by headache, gas formation, and bloating. A robust digestive system will help you get rid of these irritating symptoms.
  • Mouth ulcers- Kayam Churna is effective in treating mouth ulcers too.
  • Piles- It is known to treat piles and ease you of related symptoms.

With so much to its credit, one should know how to consume Kayam Churna and if it’s use necessitates any precautions. Let us find out together-

How to use it?

Kayam Churna is available both in Kayam Churna (powder) and Kayam tablet form.

The ideal dose is 1-2 teaspoons. If suffering from mild constipation, 1 teaspoon is good enough.

Kayam Churna is best taken with warm water, preferably at night before dinner. It’s efficiency is said to boost when consumed with warm water.


Kayam Churna has potent herbs as it’s ingredients.

Ideally, this Ayurvedic medicine should be taken after consulting an Ayurvedic expert/doctor.


  • Do not consume more than 6 grams of Kayam Churna per day. A high dosage can result in the opposite effect. It can cause stomach ache and diarrhea leading to dehydration.
  • Do not make it a habit to take it every day. It can weaken the natural laxative system of your body. It is recommended for occasional use only.
  • Kayam Churna is not recommended for kids younger than 12, pregnant ladies, and nursing mothers.
  • People with high BP, blood sugar, and potassium levels should take Kayam Churna under strict medical supervision.

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