Indian Roadside Chaat Experience

Indian Roadside Chaat Experience

The Finger-licking, eclectic, sweet ‘n’ spicy, tangy, savoury- think of chaat food and your mind is inundated with delectable flavors. Indian chaat scene is replete with lip-smacking street foods, you name it and we have it. The best experience of savouring chaat comes at roadside stalls- jazzy stalls lit up with bright lights and inviting décor are conspicuous all across the country.

Types of chaat
The mouth-watering chaat comes with many variants. These scrumptious roadside delights offer quick and cheap varieties to beat your hunger pangs. Let’s take a quick virtual tour of some of the most popular Indian roadside chaat varieties.

Papri chaat- This delectable mix is pure bliss. Flat crisp papris topped with chilled fresh yogurt, sev, boiled potatoes and chickpeas, and finely chopped onions, tomatoes and cilantro make for a nutritious snack called Papri Chaat. Add sprouted moong dal and pomegranate for a healthier option.


Golgappe or Panipuri- When it comes to relishing the Indian roadside chaat, devouring Golgappe or pani puri rules the roost hands-down. Gulping these tiny tangy-minty delights with finesse requires some skill and expertise. Also known as Puchke, these are a special favourite among women. It is a common sight to watch women hangout at the roadside golgappe-wala and drool over this water-bombs in company of their friends. Remember watching Kangana dig into these mouth-watering delights in the Bollywood movie “Queen”?

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Chotpoti- A mixture of boiled potatoes, boiled chickpeas and chopped onions and chillies topped with grated eggs, Chotpoti is a spicy-sour delight which owes its origin to West Bengal. Mixed with tamarind juice and garnished with chopped coriander, the healthy snack of Chotpoti has gained popularity with the roadside chaat stalls all over India.


Delhi chaat with saunth chutney- Growing up in India, especially Delhi makes you a kind of a chaat-addict. Delhi is truly a street food paradise and this roadside feast takes your roadside chaat experience to a heightened level of ecstasy. A mix of papdi, bhalla topped with beaten yogurt, sweet-salty saunth chutney and sprinkled with roasted cumin powder, chilli powder and black salt, Delhi chaat with saunth chutney gives a perfect tribute to Delhi and it’s vibe- spicy, yummy, colourful and classic!



Aloo Chaat- Such is the popularity of Aloo chaat that Bollywood has given an ode to this yummy-licious delicacy by making a movie by the same name. Savouring the crunchy Aloo Chaat on a roadside stall is truly a heavenly experience. This absolutely delicious snack is made from chunks of crispy fried potatoes topped with sweet and spicy chutneys and garnished with chatpata chaat masala, coriander and lemon juice.



Aloo Tikki- Crunchy, crispy and exotic. This roadside treat made from puffed mashed potatoes is usually served with spicy green chutney and sweet saunth chutney. It is one of the most popular roadside feasts!



Bhelpuri- Made of puffed rice, chopped vegetables, sev and tamarind chutney, bhelpuri is one of the most loved roadside chaat snacks. The popularity of this low-calorie snack can be summarised in the zingy Bollywood track “Main To Raste Se Ja Raha Tha, Main To Bhelpuri Kha Raha Tha”- a must-have if you want to get the authentic taste of Indian street food.

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Dahi bhalla- Dahi bhallas are soft bhallas topped with smooth beaten yogurt, green chutney, sweet tamarind chutney and sprinkled with some chaat masala and roasted cumin powder. This delectable mix garnished with fresh coriander leaves and pomegranate seeds treats you to a mouth-melting snack called dahi bhalla. Your roadside rendezvous with Indian chaat is incomplete without getting a taste of this popular snack.


Check out this real authentic Indian Street Food chaat experience captured by our team:




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