Indian Bollywood and Cinema Culture/Experience-Surreal and Scintillating

Indian Bollywood and Cinema Culture/Experience-Surreal and Scintillating

Indian cinema is one of the oldest cinemas in the world and the largest in terms of output. Indian cinema as a whole refers to Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Kannada film industries.

The term “Bollywood” refers exclusively to the Hindi language film industry which is based in the magical city of Mumbai. Welcome to the enticing world of Bollywood! Jazzy, diverse, eccentric, rocking, live and kicking, are some adjectives that define the true spirit of Bollywood.


Let me take you on a Bollywood tour that will bring you closer to Indian cinema culture.

USP- It is almost impossible to make a Bollywood film without having a song and dance sequence. The song and dance sequences don’t necessarily fit into the main story but are incorporated as a feel-good factor. Fabulous costumes and lavish sets have the main actors dance and lip-sync to the catchy numbers. Item-numbers are the latest trend where an attractive female performer gyrates to pulsating songs.


Potboilers- Bollywood is a storehouse of talent. With creative and young directors joining the bandwagon, Bollywood churns out some amazing potboilers. Most of these potboilers are high on melodrama or masala as you call in core Bollywood language. These masala films are a wholesome package of fun for the whole family.


Stars- Bollywood stars have a larger-than-life persona! A quintessential Bollywood hero is next to God. He is blessed with a personality so strong that he single-handedly bashes a truck load of bad guys and then proceeds to woo the heroine with an innocent charm of a teenager. Unbelievable in real world but that’s what the Bollywood movies are all about, they catapult their audience to a world of fantasy that promises pure entertainment of 2-3 hours.


Influence- Bollywood has a deep influence on Indian society. Most  Bollywood stars are held in high pedestal and worshipped by their fans. In fact some of the fans have even built temples in the names of their favourite stars. This is because of the heightened nature of Bollywood movies which portray a very glamorous image of the stars.



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