Hawkins Pressure Cooker- Quick 'n' Easy Kitchen Gadget!

Hawkins Pressure Cooker- Quick 'n' Easy Kitchen Gadget!

Spending time in kitchen to slow cook your favorite recipes can be a daunting task, especially if have you have an office call to attend or an appointment that cannot be postponed. Now, a sturdy appliance can help you dish out a sumptuous platter in a matter of minutes, thanks to Hawkins Pressure Cooker.


Hawkins Pressure Cooker - Singal`s - Indian Grocery Delivery


One of the most widely used pressure cookers in India, Hawkins Pressure Cooker is the oldest yet safest kitchen appliance because of its unique features.
The inside-fitting lid which requires some practice initially, is technically designed to enhance safety. One has to lower the lid into the main body and wait till the pressure falls to a certain level, before opening the lid.

This impressive safety feature makes Hawkins Pressure Cooker more popular than its similar counterparts. One is reminded of the secure aircraft door while opening/closing the lid of the pressure cooker-pressure locked for safety!

Note: Opening and closing the cooker can be a little tricky but believe me, it is no rocket science. You don't need to be the mechanically-minded sorts, just a few practice sessions and you are all set!


Some models of pressure cookers come with an external lock-in lid too but are less popular.

Hawkins Pressure Cooker - Singal`s - Indian Grocery Store
The versatile Hawkins Pressure Cooker comes with 73 models in 12 different varieties. Classic Contura, Futura, Hevibase, Bigboy, Miss Mary are some of the famous models.



Hawkins Pressure Cooker - Singal`s - Indian Grocery Store


Most Hawkins pressure cookers are either made of hard anodized aluminium or 18/10 stainless steel, thus maintaining a high standard of quality. Only a few aluminium models come with an entry-level low quality.

The cookers are reasonably priced and offer best value for money. One can choose between sizes of 1.5  to 20 liters.

I am in love with my Hawkins Pressure Cooker which I use to cook rice, lentils, beans, meat and even to boil potatoes. Can you imagine, you could even bake a cake in this versatile kitchen gadget.

However, observe the listed precautions while using the cooker -

  • Read the instruction manual. 
  • Always hold the cooker with its handle. Do not touch hot surfaces.
  • The cooker cooks under very high pressure. Extreme caution is required while closing and opening the lid. Secure the lid properly before cooking or it may cause scalding injury.
  • Do not place cooker in the heated oven. Avoid washing hard anodized parts in dishwasher.
  • Read wash and care instructions in the manual. The steam vent and vent tube should be clear, devoid of any food residue.
  • Do not place anything over vent weight/pressure regulator while cooking.
  • Let the pressure release naturally. Do not lift vent weight/pressure regulator to release pressure. 
  • Never try to open the cooker forcefully. If the lid does not open smoothly, it means there is still pressure inside.
  • Different food items require different instructions. For example, rice and dry vegetables expand while cooking, beans or chick peas need more time, and for cooking lentils and vegetables, there is a different preparation method. Add water as per the requirements of the food item.


At Singal's, we have four sizes of Hawkins Pressure Cooker to choose from-2L, 3L5L and 8L.

Hawkins Pressure Cooker - Singal`s - Indian Grocery Store


We also sell Hawkins Idli Stand G10 (makes 12 idlis) and Hawkins Idli Stand G20 (makes 18 idlis).
Hawkins Pressure Cooker - Singal`s - Indian Grocery Store

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