Flax seeds- Fiber-rich seeds 

Flax seeds- Fiber-rich seeds 

 Are you looking to include a protein and fiber rich food in your diet with some omega-3 fatty acids? Here are flax seeds for you, also a good source of Lignans. Lignans are described as phytoestrogens with properties similar to the hormone estrogen. 


Health benefits of Flax seeds

  • Constipation- Flax seeds are rich in dietary fiber. Consuming flax seeds is believed to increase bowel movements and relieve constipation. 
  • Sugar control- Eating whole or ground flax seeds regularly for 10-12 weeks is said to regulate Type 2 diabetes.
  • High BP control- It is suggested that chewing whole flax seeds by mouth reduces blood pressure to some extent, thus reducing the risk of heart disease.
  • Inflammation control- Flax seeds are believed to reduce inflammation in kidneys caused due to lupus.
  • Help in weight loss- The high fiber content in flax seeds makes people feel fuller for longer periods, and therefore aids in weight loss.
  • Good for female health- The estrogen-like properties ease the symptoms of menopause and lower the risk of osteoporosis and breast cancer. 

How to consume flax seeds

The adult dosage of flax seeds is 20-30 grams by mouth daily. 

  • Mix whole flax seeds with your breakfast cereal, meals, and salads. 
  • Ground flax seeds powder can be added in soups, stews, and curries.
  • Top your desserts like kheer, porridge, and puddings with a sprinkle of roasted and powdered flax seeds. 
  • Add whole flax seeds in baked goods like breads, cakes, muffins, cookies, and snack bars. 

Flax Seed Ladoo Recipe



  • Start with dry roasting the already roasted chana dal until it changes color slightly.
  • Powder once it cools down. 
  • In a large bowl, take all the ingredients, and knead well with your hands till you get a soft ball of mass. Start making small lemon sized balls.
  • Keep rolling fast so that the heat in your hands binds all ingredients together. 

  • The flaxseed ladoos are ready. 
  • Store in the refrigerator in an airtight container.
  • Enjoy with a hot cup of Masala Chai or Coffee.



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