Falooda- Felicitous Dessert Noodles 

Falooda- Felicitous Dessert Noodles 

With the Kulfi season just around the corner, how can Folooda lag behind?

Falooda is to Kulfi what icing is to cake and that little cherry to your favorite pineapple pastry.

Falooda, a hybrid between a dessert and drink, can be combined in creative ways to embellish the sweet course of your meal.

This interesting looking edible can be a luxurious topping to your favorite Kulfi or adornment on the fruit salad.

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The story behind the invention of these jelly-like noodles is as fascinating as the dish itself. History tells us that Akbar’s son’s Jahangir had a penchant for all things innovative. This ambrosial concoction was created by the royal cooks of the Mughal era. They cooked wheat strainings in sweet syrups and cream till this jelly-like drink was brewed to perfection.

Interestingly, the drink that blended so well with the royal and the mighty gently spread its aroma worldwide.

Easy to prepare summer drink recipe with Falooda (makes 1 drink)

Falooda - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store

  1. Soak basil seeds for an hour in water. Immerse them well so that they get enough room to swell.
  2. In a pot of boiling water, add vermicelli noodles and cook till they become tender.
  3. Strain the noodles using a strainer. Run under cold water for a minute.
  4. In a tall glass, add basil seeds, saffron strands, falooda noodles, milk, and rose syrup. You can even mix milk and rose syrup together and pour it as a mixture. Do not stir the mixture so that falooda soaks well in the rose syrup.
  5. Add milk and ice cream on top. 
  6. Garnish the dessert-drink with chopped nuts or jelly.
  7. You can spruce up the drink by adding rose petals.
Falooda - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store


How about some fun 'n’ frolic with falooda?

  • Fruit topping- Adding falooda as a fruit topping is exciting for kids. Many kids develop a good habit of eating fruits while playing with the gummy and gooey noodles.
  • Drink- Falooda combined with a rose sherbet, milk drinks makes for an excellent summer drink. It's cool, slurpy and, just too irresistible.
  • Ice cream- Ice cream loaded with a generous topping of falooda, Aha! It is the eureka moment for ice cream fans!
  • Kulfi- Kulfi lovers go crazy with the heavenly garnishing of falooda and sugary syrup over their favorite dessert.
  • Fruit punch- Go creative by combing luscious summer fruits with falooda drink. Top it with cherries for an added punch.
Falooda - Singal's - Indian Grocery Store


Health benefits of Falooda-

Common ingredients of falooda are basil seeds or sabja seeds. These have a cooling effect on the stomach. It is also known to control nausea.


We at Singal's sell Laziza Rabri Falooda Mix. It becomes very easy to make the delightful summer drink with this mix.

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