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by Sharon Samuel
December 08, 2018
Indian Grocery Store - Coconut - Singal's


Winter has arrived early in Canada and the soft, fluffy snow will inevitably remind every Indian of one ingredient in their kitchen. If you guessed coconut, then you hit the nail on the head! White as snow with a flakey and crunchy feel, grated coconut is definitely a staple in Indian cooking. The beauty of coconut is how each element can be utilised in different ways. The refreshing water keeps you rejuvenated, you can make decorative articles out of the leaves and the husks have been used as utensil scrubbers in the past.


Indian Grocery Store - Coconut - Singal's


However, it is definitely the flesh that is the winner. There is a wide array of recipes you can prepare with it. If eaten in moderation, coconut can have amazing health benefits. The flesh is often used to make coconut milk. Small cubed pieces, grinded to a coarse paste with water, are placed in a muslin cloth and squeezed gently to produce the divine coconut milk. This is now easily available to us in a can and a splash of this in your curry will greatly enrich the flavour.


Indian Grocery Store - Coconut - Singal's


Coconut is near and dear to people from all the states of India. Each and every state has a unique way of utilizing this white crumbly ingredient in their culinary preparations. If you are looking to have a sumptuous fish curry, then you must definitely sink your hands into Konkani and Kerala dishes, which are often topped with coconut milk. Known as tender coconut kheer or payasam, a dessert prepared in multiple states, there is a beautiful twist on this dish that augments its flavour, keeping you waiting for that small slice of tender coconut to glide down your throat!


Indian Grocery Store - Coconut - Singal's


If you are debating between Kajjikayulu from Andhra, a crispy fried snack, and coconut barfi from Punjab, made with desiccated coconut(little diamond droplets of heaven that melt in your mouth), I say make both and cherish the juxtaposition that will explode on your taste buds! We are extremely privileged to have this excellent ingredient available right at our doorstep thanks to Singal’s. I kindly suggest all of you to stop dawdling and go make yourself that warm curry or comforting dessert right away.


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