Best flours for Canadian winters

Best flours for Canadian winters

Soon it’s going to be that time of the year when we will be flexing our muscles to gear up for the long winter season.

The nippy weather can make one feel lazy and lead to low immunity. We need an extra boost to strengthen our immune and gut system. 

Even though most Indian households use staple wheat flour to roll out chapatis, we can also include the following flours in our diet. These flours not only just improve our health, but also give enough heat to brave up against the weather.

  • Makki- Makki flour is loaded with essential nutrients like beta carotene, selenium, vitamin A, C, and K. Makki ki Roti and Sarson ka Saag make for a perfect combination that can be relished with dollops of ghee and jaggery on top. Makki flour is a good source of iron for people suffering from anemia. 


  • Jowar- Jowar, also called Sorghum, is a storehouse of immunity boosting nutrients. This gluten-free flour aids in digestion, controls blood sugar, eliminates free radicals, and is good for heart health. One can prepare a variety of recipes such as roti, dosa, upma, and even pancakes with Jowar flour.


  • Bajra- Bajra flour is fibrous and gluten-free. It is loaded with potassium and also a good source of omega-3 and iron. One can use this wonder flour to make roti, uttapam, dosa, dalia and even khichdi.



  • Ragi- Ragi flour has a good amount of calcium. It is easily digestible and a good substitute for wheat, especially for people with diabetes. One can make ragi biscuits and ladoos with ragi flour.

  • Kuttu- Also known as buckwheat, kuttu flour is loaded with fiber, and keeps you full for long periods. It is therefore consumed during fasting. Kuttu is mainly a vrat specific flour and preferred during the festive Navratri season. However, it can be a part of your diet on non-vrat days as well. Kuttu flour is also loaded with vitamins like vitamin B-complex as well as vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and vitamin B (niacin). Again, one can use this amazing flour to prepare a variety of delicacies- paratha, puri, dosa and pancakes.



  • Kangni- Kangni or foxtail millet is another great grain for winters. It contains a good amount of Vitamin B12. This grain helps in the smooth functioning of the heart and nervous system. Kangni also promotes hair growth. Foxtail millet is easy to cook and one can prepare khichdi, pulao, parantha, porridge, and roti using this millet.


So, order these amazing flours today to level up your winter diet!

Note: It may not be easy to switch to a different grain. You can mix 2-3 different flours and knead a multigrain dough throughout the year to avail the benefits of these healthy flours.


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