The first time I ever ate a khakhra, I was so addicted to it that I couldn't stop munching on this light, crispy cracker. Being away from home, I missed eating all my favourite snacks. Thus, I was enthralled to discover that some of my favourite Gujarati snacks were available right here at my doorstep!

Khakhra(Khakra), one of the most famous snacks from India, is made of wheat flour rolled out with a variety of spices. Two of the most famous flavours are Methi Khakhra and Jeera Khakha. Get your hands on these and garnish them with some salsa sauce and cheese for a tingling pizza sensation on your tongue!


Gachak (a peanut and jaggery dish) may be known by many appellations throughout India but the taste that it effuses is definitely uniform. It has a burst of different textures ranging from sticky to chewy to crunchy. The long shelf life of this dish is another icing on the cake. You needn't think twice before offering a couple of pieces of this protein-rich snack to your children!

Another variation of Gachak is one which is made with sesame instead of peanuts,called Sesame chikki or Til Gachak.Sesame seeds are great catalysts for hair growth and aid in digestion as well. They are also a fine source of healthy fats and antioxidants. Your stomach won't be the only one grateful!

I bet you are wondering why I haven't mentioned the king of Gujarati snacks yet. Well, I have decided to save the best for last! Dhokla is an airy and light snack that is also served as breakfast in many Gujarati households. If you have the Dhokla instant mix, all you have to do is pour yogurt (dahi), water and oil to create the beautiful batter. You can adorn it with spices catering to your taste buds. Steam well and a healthy, delectable dish will just be waiting to be served!

The wonder of our wide array of snacks is found in its encapsulation of multifarious flavours and textures, that can be relished by people both young and old.


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