A Scrumptious South Indian Breakfast: Part 2

A Scrumptious South Indian Breakfast: Part 2

One of the most fascinating things about India is that for each and every state, not only does the language and culture differs but also the food that is eaten. Breakfast is no exception to this rule and it can be different depending on the state. The breakfast in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka is what we are going to dive into today.


Pesarattu is a dish that is very similar to the widely popular dosa in India and it even takes the same signature crepe-like shape. It is made with green gram batter but unlike dosa, it does not contain urad dal. It is eaten at breakfast or even as a snack and it is widely popular in Andra Pradesh and Rajasthan. It is usually served with delicious ginger or tamarind chutney that helps elevate the texture and taste of the dish to a whole new level.


It is a special dish that is cooked in many South Indian, Maharashtrian and Sri Lankan Tamil breakfasts as a thick porridge from dry-roasted semolina or coarse rice flour. Upma can literally be translated as “rice flour”. It can be prepared using various seasonings and vegetables according to the preference of the cook. There is a variegated assortment of upmas including the likes of sooji, whole wheat, rice, corn, and aval upma. Do not forget to try out our 3-minute breakfast upma options!


This is a special dish that is highly unique to Karnataka and it is literally translated as “rice bread” in its native language. It is created using rice flour which is mixed with salt and water and kneaded well till the dough gets soft. It is an incredibly healthy dish that can be served with a  pickle and coriander raita.


Pundi or pundi gatti, is a circular soft rice dumpling that is a part of Mangalorean cuisine that is native to the Tulu Nadu region of India. It is prepared by soaking, grinding, tempering, cooking and finally steaming the rice. Pundi is usually served with coconut chutney which helps bring out the extra flavor that makes the dish even more amazing than it already is.


Neer dosa is a special type of dosa that is literally translated as “water dosa” in the Tulu language. It is a crepe prepared from rice batter that is well- known for its simple preparation and lack of fermentation. Neer dosa can be served with coconut chutney, sambar, saagu and non-vegetarian curries like chicken, mutton, fish and egg curry.


This is one of the most famous dosas of our list!  The specialty of this dosa is the addition of cooked rice or poha to the batter which gives it a crisp texture on the outside and an airy and porous texture on the inside! On the inside is a delicious and filling potato masala and the extra flavor in this dosa can be attributed to the red chutney that is spread on the dosa!


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