A Scrumptious South Indian Breakfast: Part 1

A Scrumptious South Indian Breakfast: Part 1

They often say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there is no exception to this rule for South Indians. There is a rich variegated assortment of dishes from which you can choose to fulfill your aching taste buds during the early hours of the day.


The dosa is a cooked flat thin layered rice batter that is present on mostly all breakfast tables of South-Asian homes. It is similar in appearance to crepe. The fermented batter that is used to make a dosa is made of rice, black gram, and salt, all ground together smoothly. Dosa can be eaten with a variety of vegetable chutneys or with idli podi, a powder that is made of dry spices. Dosas can even be stuffed with potatoes (masala dosa), cheese, and other ingredients, depending on your preference. A splash of oil, some fermented batter, a hot pan, and the flame will leave you with a sizzling Indian pancake that you cannot resist!


Appam is a type of pancake that is made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk. It is commonly eaten in Sri Lanka, Kerala, and Tamilnadu. This crispy delicacy coupled with sweet coconut milk or kadala curry will leave you longing for more and more!


Rice and moong dal go hand in hand to create this popular protein-packed breakfast item. It is also presented as an offering to the Hindu deities as a sign of respect. Ven Pongal tastes the best when relished hot with a tantalizing chutney or sambar on the side.


Puttu is a dish that originated from the Indian state of Kerala. It is a steamed rice cake with coconut that is also popular in Sri Lanka. This snowy delight can be eaten alongside palm sugar, chickpea curry or bananas.


This crispy, doughnut-shaped fritter is a delight as both a breakfast item as well as a light snack. It is often eaten with sambar (vegetable and lentil chutney) and coconut chutney. This is a delicacy that is loved by all ages and it has even led to a popular story that is beloved by Indian children.

Anyone or more of the above dishes will leave you wanting for more. There is a reason these dishes have been passed down for so many years. Their tastes have stood the test of time and still tickle our taste buds even today!

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