Puja Round White Batti

Puja Round White Batti

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Puja Cotton Wicks. Round Cotton Wicks. For meditation spiritual lighting and relgious use. Long wicksof good quality. Used to light diya oil lamp chirag deepak, used in home temple for aarti. Pooja Round White Batti. 

    The daily puja ritual is a must in Indian households. The pious puja flame oozes a serene positivity that balances soul and offers spiritual solace in the house. No wonder, one finds some essential puja items in all Indian homes. Camphor or Kapur, incense sticks, oil, Puja round white batti, and temple bell are some quintessential items that make the puja ritual complete.

    The Puja ritual 

    Hindu Pujas and rituals are endowed with a deep reverence and significance.

    One most common and important puja event is Aarti. During this event, a person lights a diya lamp and circles it clockwise in front of an image of deity, while chanting some prayer or hymns. The diya lamp uses a batti (cotton wick) dipped in mustard oil or ghee that is lighted on the other end. Doing puja while performing Aarti is a multi sensory experience. 

    Pooja Round White Batti

    Puja round white batti is the perfect Jyoti batti for puja. Some features of Pooja round white batti are~

    • Used to light diya, chirag deepak, and oil lamps. Best used in home temples for performing Aarti and also during Diwali to light diyas.
    • Made from the purest cotton fibers.
    • Round and long wicks of excellent quality that keep lit for a long time. 
    • Perfect for spiritual lighting, meditation, and religious use.

    How to use Pooja Round White Batti

    It is super easy to use Pooja round batti.

    • Place the cotton wicks in the light lamp and add some oil or Ghee.
    • Let the full batti soak in the oil/ghee for 15-20 minutes.
    • When the top end of the wick becomes greasy then light up the batti with a matchstick.
    • Perform Aarti while ringing the bell with the left hand and circling the lighted lamp clockwise with your right hand. 

    So let’s get started. Order your pack today and add elegance to your daily Aarti with Pooja Round White Batti.