Limca Can (300 ml)

Limca Can (300 ml)

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Limca's freshness is like no other : lime and lemon! Limca is a lemon and lime flavoured carbonated soft drink made primarily in India. Limca is similar to the well-known soft drinks Sprite or 7up. It is refreshing soda drink that revives your energy in hot summers. Drink up this fizzy drink with a tongue tingling favour of lime with your favorite munchies. The can is a pulsing, mossy green decorated with citrus rinds that look like doilies. The secret formula is the sharp fizz and lemoni bite! Contains 120 calories per 300 ml can.

Most of us have grown up listening to the commercial Lime and Lemony Limca. This advertisement from the late 80’s had the whole India swaying to its peppy beats. The ultimate drink with the freshness of lime catapulted Limca into an unmatched popularity. Rubbing shoulders with stalwarts like Pepsi and Coke, our desi soft drink took everyone with a refreshing surprise.

Limca was first introduced in 1971 and later sold to Coca-Cola in 1993.
It is the least acidic of all the brands of Coca-Cola and very similar to Sprite and 7-Up in its taste.

After multinational beverage corporations were forced to withdraw from India in 1975, local bottlers created their own flavors to fill the demand for soft drinks. Limca brand was launched in 1977 in India by Ramesh Chauhan. Then, in 1992, when the government of India has allowed Coca-Cola to return for operations and Pepsi to come in India for the first time, Coca-Cola bought local soft-drink brands like Limca. Since the beginning, Limca holds a strong position in the lemon-drink segment in India. In India, Limca is available everywhere from the little corner shop to the high-rise mall. Limca is an old brand that has acquired a lot of trust and loyalty from Indians. 

In 1988, Limca fell into controversy for having brominated vegetable oil (BVO) as its content which was reported to have serious ill effects on health and was therefore banned in India. Limca was quick in responding by changing its original formula and making it BVO free. 

Limca is publishing the very famous "Limca Book of Records", a compendium of facts and oddities similar to the "Guinness Book of Records" with an Indian perspective! 

Limca and Thums Up are now two flagship sodas of the Coca-Cola company in India. 

This lemon-and-lime flavored carbonated soft drink is made primarily in India and in some parts of the US. Like most of its counterparts Limca does not contain any fruits and relies solely on artificial flavors.

Limca, the crowning jewel of the Indian soft drink market has maintained its strong foothold in India despite the presence of the celebrated American brands like Pepsi Coca-Cola and Sprite.

The soaring popularity of Limca can be attributed it to its unmistakable Indian branding- it is entirely a homegrown soda (like Thumbs Up) with a refreshing taste, just perfect to beat the Indian summer blues!

Watching kids gulp down the soothing soda after playing a grueling sports match, or washing down a spicy treat with a bottle of Limca is not a rare sight.
The brand has remained true to thirst quenching narrative in its campaigns.

Encashing on the popularity of this drink, foodies have creatively combined Limca to titillate their taste buds-

  • Virgin Mojito with Limca- This amazing drink can be prepared with Limca, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water and mint leaves.
  •  Lemon juice with Limca- Add lemon juice to Limca with a dash of black salt and sugar. Add sliced ginger and mint leaves for an amazing flavor. 
  • Beetroot beverage-This healthy potion combines boiled and ground beetroot, lemon, Limca and black salt to create an alive thirst-quenching drink. 
  •  Summer bonanza- The revitalizing concoction blends the magic of Limca with a few pomegranate seeds, red raspberries, mango slices, mint leaves, lime juice and orange segments. 

Little wonder that our desi population in North America loves to team up their meals with Limca, one of the most popular imports from India.
At Singal’s, we understand the importance of Limca-the refreshingly alive beverage-in your life. We offer home delivery everywhere in Canada.

Hail Limca for its playfulness, water-like freshness and signature splash! The ultimate summer drink! 

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La fraîcheur de Limca ne ressemble à aucune autre: lime et citron! Limca est une boisson gazeuse gazéifiée au citron et à la lime, préparée principalement en Inde. Limca est semblable aux fameuses boissons Sprite ou 7up. C'est une boisson gazeuse rafraîchissante qui ravive votre énergie pendant les étés chauds. Buvez cette boisson gazeuse avec une saveur de lime avec vos fringales préférées. La canette est un vert palpitant et moussu orné d’écorces d’agrumes. Contient 120 calories par canette de 300 ml.

Après que les multinationales des boissons gazeuzes ont été contraintes de se retirer de l'Inde en 1975, les embouteilleurs locaux ont créé leurs propres arômes pour répondre à la demande de boissons gazeuses. La marque Limca a été lancée en 1977 en Inde par Ramesh Chauhan. Puis, en 1992, lorsque le gouvernement indien a autorisé Coca-Cola à reprendre ses activités et que Pepsi se rendait en Inde pour la première fois, Coca-Cola a acheté des marques locales de boissons gazeuze telles que Limca. Depuis le début, Limca occupe une position forte dans le segment des boissons au citron en Inde. En Inde, Limca est disponible partout, du petit dépanneur au centre commercial. Limca est une ancienne marque qui a acquis beaucoup de confiance et de fidélité auprès des Indiens.

En 1988, Limca a fait l’objet d’une controverse en raison de sa teneur en huile végétale bromée (BVO) qui aurait de graves effets néfastes sur la santé et a donc été interdite en Inde. Limca a rapidement réagi en modifiant sa formule d'origine et en la libérant du BVO.

Limca publie le très célèbre "Limca Book of Records", un recueil de faits et de curiosités semblables au "Livre de records Guinness" avec une perspective indienne!

Limca et Thums Up sont maintenant deux sodas phares de la société Coca-Cola en Inde.