Lays Tangy Tomato Chips (52 gm)

Lays Tangy Tomato Chips (52 gm)

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Lays Tangy Tomato Chips is yet another addition from Frito-Lay, an established food brand from India. 

Lays prides itself in bringing the taste of fresh potatoes right to your home. Lays Tangy Tomato Chips are also prepared from freshly sliced potatoes, deep-fried in high-quality vegetable oil, and finally seasoned with the choicest of yummy flavors.

Even though Lays has established itself well as a youth brand, Lays Tangy Tomato Chips are enjoyed by food buffs of all age groups. It’s no surprise if you find your old grandmother enjoying a pack of Lays Tangy Tomato Chips while watching her favorite TV soap.

Lays Tangy Tomato Chips are the crispy and spicy variety of the ruffled potato chips.  

The chips are infused with the aroma of tomatoes, bell peppers, garlicgingercloves, and black pepper with a dash of cinnamon.

Flavor of Lays Tangy Tomato Chips

Lays Tangy Tomato Chips have a sweet-tangy-spicy flavor profile. 

The typical European ketchup taste of the chips stirs up your taste buds with an insatiable enthusiasm.

Lays Tangy Tomato Chips are available in light, easy-to-carry packs. These chips make for a perfect office snack, quick picnic pick-up, and the best Friday party lunch for kids. 

Lays Tangy Tomato Chips also make for an ideal gift during the festive occasions of Diwali, Bhai Dooj, and Rakshabandhan.

Some creative recipes with Lays Tangy Tomato Chips

Young moms can experiment with this sweet & spicy snack to instill healthy food habits in their kids-

  • Sprout salsa- Craft your healthy sprout salsa by adding a layer of Lays Tangy Tomato Chips on sprouted bean salad. Kids will be delighted to savor the interesting recipe. You can add some salsa, sauces, raisins, and peanuts for an extra perk.
  • Crispy vegetable salad- Just top Lays Tangy Tomato Chips or any tortilla chips on sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, salad leaves, and carrots. Toss it with a salad mix and watch your child fall in love with this crispy recipe.
  • Baked vegetables with a crunch- Are you struggling to make your kid eat their share of vegetables? Just layer a medley of colorful baked vegetables with Lays Tangy Tomato Chips and watch the magic unfold. Your child will long for this crunchy treat that makes for a hearty meal.

Lays Tangy Tomato Chips are an indispensable part of snacking culture in India. The brand continues to expand its customer base with its savory spices and irresistible Indo-European flavors. In a nutshell, Lays Tangy Tomato Chips are spicy divine, one can’t just get enough of it!

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