Lays Magic Masala Chips (52 gm)

Lays Magic Masala Chips (52 gm)

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This epic flavor of Lays chips needs no introduction. A favorite of youngsters and elders alike, Magic Masala chips are enjoyed with a Coke or Pepsi across India and is almost a staple college food. Some people call it Blue Lays Chips.

Some people may call it just potato chips but you know these are potato chips with the desi tadka. Bringing together the aroma of Indian spices as soon as you put one in your mouth. No once can eat just one!

Are you looking for some tangy appetizer, an Indian-style snack to satiate your taste buds? Frito Lay, the American subsidiary of PepsiCo manufactures the Blue Lays Magic Masala chips, the epic potato chips with desi tadka.

This snack is enjoyed by youngsters and elders alike. Whether you want to chill with your friends in college or enjoy a quiet evening tea, Lays Magic Masala Chips is the perfect choice to jazz up your mood.

Gourmet enthusiasts love to entertain guests by combining the saucy chips with potato casserole, chicken casserole, tuna casserole, noodles, baked macaroni & cheese, and much more.

What is the taste of Blue Lays Magic Masala?

The Lays Magic Masala Chips are crunchy and taste salty first, before giving a Masala spicy sweep on your taste buds. The chips are spicier than the other Western varieties available. So, don’t be surprised if you’re left with a slight burn on your lips.

Lays Magic Masala Chips have a melt-in-the-mouth taste- truly magical! The smell of the chips is so curry-like, with the whiff of cumincoriander, garlic powder, and chili powder. Purely Indian.

What do the Blue Lays Magic Masala chips look like? 

The chips are ruffled, corrugated, and thicker than the normal potato aloo chips.

Why choose Lays Magic Masala Chips?

Go for Lays Magic Masala Chips if you are an ardent lover of aromatic Indian spices. For the unversed, Lays Magic Masala Chips are a part of the six-pack assortment of international flavors from Frito Lay. Very true to its name, the chips are pure magic and leave you asking for more.

So, next time if you’re going for a picnic, or having a quick hang out with friends at home, or inviting guests over a cup of tea, then think no beyond Lays Magic Masala Chips. You can serve Lays Magic Masala Chips with ketchup, spreads, even soups, and stews.

From a pack of chips to a pack of smiles, that’s what Lays Magic Masala Chips are! It is the perfect indulgence that has stormed into the hearts of people with its irresistible flavor!

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