Jabsons Gond Laddu (400 gm)

Jabsons Gond Laddu (400 gm)

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There’s no arguing the fact that Ladoo can easily be classified as the national sweet dish of India. Be it any occasion or celebration, this omnipresent sweet is seen everywhere. It boasts of the top-most position in the Indian hierarchy of sweets. From the birth of a child to marriage ceremonies to laud success in examinations or an office promotion, Ladoo is a highly revered offering. According to mythology, Ladoo is synonymous with all things sacred and has a religious undertone to it. It is believed that Goddess Parvati asked both her kids to prove their superiority. When Lord Ganesha successfully did that, he was offered ladoo as a treat. Ever since Modak (Lord Ganesha’s Ladoo) is offered to Him during pooja ceremonies. Ladoo floors you with numerous varieties, one can’t help but get overwhelmed at the diverse options this delight has to offer! Every region in India has its own version of Ladoo. No wonder, the market is inundated with umpteen choices of this quintessential sweet dish.

Different varieties of Ladoos : 

  • Modak- This sweet dumpling dish is the favorite dish of the Hindu deity, Lord Ganesha. It is made out of rice flourwheat flour, and all-purpose flour (maida). Modak has a rich filling of freshly shredded coconut and jaggery. It can either be fried or steamed.
  • Besan Ke Ladoo- Besan is the Hindi name for gram flour. The delectable sweet balls “Besan Ke Ladoo” are prepared out of besanghee, powdered sugar, and ground cardamom. The flavorful melt-in-your-mouth Besan Ke Ladoos are the most common sweets to commemorate any celebratory occasion.
  • Coconut Ladoo- For those who love the distinct taste of coconut, this aromatic and delicious delicacy is bound to stir your senses. The recipe uses freshly or desiccated coconut, milk, powdered sugar, and ghee. One can also use cardamom powder and saffron for adding flavor.
  • Motichoor Ladoo- Motichoor ladoos mark every auspicious occasion, be it Indian pujas (prayers) or prasad (religious offering). Did you know that this sumptuous delicacy translates literally to crushed (choor) pearls (moti)? Not only the name but the taste is equally heavenly. The Ladoo’s are prepared by frying tiny droplets of Gram flour in ghee and finally cooking them in thick sugar syrup. A trifle laborious recipe but every ounce worth it.
  • Flaxseed Ladoos- For all those healthy buffs out there, here is a Ladoo-type that is as good for your health as taste buds. These protein-packed healthy sugar balls are prepared with roasted gram dal, jaggery, cardamom powder, almond powder, freshly powdered flax seeds, and ghee. You can pack it in your child’s lunchbox or consume it for an instant source of energy!
  • Atta Ladoo- This simple Ladoo with a few ingredients is filling yet easy to make. As the name explains, Atta Ladoo is prepared out of whole wheat flour (Atta), dollops of ghee, and crunchy nuts that make it more appetizing.

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