Britannia Little Heart Biscuits (75 gm)

Britannia Little Heart Biscuits (75 gm)

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Nothing accompanies fun moments with friends like a pack of Little Hearts. Light, crunchy biscuits generously sprinkled with sugar, they blissfully melt in your mouth.

How about breaking a little heart and savoring the moment to your heart's content? That sounds queer, isn’t it? Well, the little heart that we talk about is the crunchy heart-shaped cookie sprinkled with the goodness of butter and sugar. Called Britannia’s Little Heart Biscuits, these perfect munchings have an amorous flavor that just melts in your mouth. 

As the name explains, these cookies are manufactured by the renowned brand Britannia. Britannia Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of food items in India. The food brand has a 100 year old legacy. It also manufactures some famous products like Nutri Choice, Good Day, Tiger, Marie Gold, Milk Bikis, and more. 

Britannia’s Little Heart Biscuits are one of the most popular cookies by Britannia. The cookies enjoy a special fan following, especially among kids.

What makes Britannia’s Little Heart Biscuits so interesting?

  • It is the unique heart shape that makes these biscuits so loveable.
  • The sugar sprinkled poppable biscuits have an irresistible flavor that leaves a delicious aftertaste in your mouth.
  • The trademark gold and red packaging for the biscuits is fun and eye-catching.

These melt-in-mouth delights are best consumed on their own or by dipping into a cup of milk. One can also serve Britannia’s Little Heart Biscuits to guests with hot beverages like tea or coffee. You can kickstart the day with generous servings of Britannia Little Hearts with your morning cuppa.. 

These delicious biscuits make for an excellent serving for a kids party.

You can also sprinkle the crumbs of Britannia Little Heart biscuits on top of a fruit salad or vegetable salad to dish out an interesting lunch for your kid. 

Main ingredients of Britannia’s Little Heart Biscuits

So, are you ready to order your bag today and relish the confection? After all, who doesn't want to relive their childhood moments! Jut enjoy!

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