Bikano Almond Cookies (350 gm)

Bikano Almond Cookies (350 gm)

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Best in taste, Almond cookies are made with wheat baked properly having Roasted Almonds. This sweety bites famous for Teatime enjoyment.

Roasted almonds and wheat, baked to perfection! That's what makes Bikano Almond Cookies so magically delectable. 

Bikano Almond Cookies are sweet bites and their rich taste makes them the best teatime accompaniment.

For the newbies, Bikano is the most trusted and authentic traditional brand since the 1960s. The pioneer manufacturer dishes out delightfully tasty sweets, snacks, and namkeens.

Bikano Almond Cookies are one of the most popular items from the house of Bikano.

Some features of Bikano Almond Cookies

  • Made from real butter
  • Light, crunchy, and crispy texture 
  • Best for in between lunch cravings or for snacking in between work or study sessions
  • Magically yummy and best for tea time

Ingredients of Bikano Almond Cookies

Some creative cookie ideas with Bikano Almond Cookies

Follow these creative twists to create some cookie-inspired cookies- absolutely delightful!

  • Take sliced almonds and make a flower or heart shape on top of Almond cookies 
  • Design the top of the Almond cookies with delicate and creamy icing
  • Spread grated cheese or sliced Paneer on top of Bikano Almond cookies with a dash of jam or marmalade
  • Load Almond cookies with toasted Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal for utterly decadent taste.
  • Thickly load the Almond cookies with peanut butter- they will melt in your mouth and steal the show on the cookie platter
  • A sprinkle of chocolate chips with salty potato chips on Almond cookies will add a magical tangy-sweet flavor
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