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January 2018 Recipes


Buy Besan and Spices here to make this dish yourself!



Buy Ready to Eat Paneer Tikka Masala here!  or buy Paneer and Spices to make this dish yourself! 



October 2017 Recipes


Buy Sooji (Semolina) here to make this dish yourself!



Buy Ready to Cook Sambar Mix here!  or buy Toor dal and Spices to make this dish yourself! 




September 2017 Recipes


Buy Ready to Eat Matar Paneer here!  or buy fresh Paneer here to make this dish yourself!



Buy Ready to Eat Rajma Masala here!  or buy Rajma grains and Spices to make this dish yourself! 



July 2017 Recipes


Buy Upma Cooking Mix here!  or Buy Suji to make this recipe yourself!



Buy Dhokla Cooking Mix here! 





April 2017 Recipes 

Buy Dal Makhni (Ready to Eat) here!


Buy Poha (Flat Rice) here! 


Buy Rasogolla (Ready to Eat) here! 



March 2017 Recipes


Buy Palak Paneer (Ready to Eat) here!


  Buy Dal Tadka (Ready to Eat) here!


 Buy Bhindi Masala (Ready to Eat) here!


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