Haldirams Rasmalai

Haldirams Rasmalai

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There’s nothing better than a dessert unless it is Rasmalai, the most exotic of all Indian sweet dishes!

Among the various delectable varieties, Rasmalai enjoys a special status with the foodies. It can be classified as the royal Indian dessert because it is mostly served on special occasions.

Rasmalai is the classic Bengali sweet in which paneer dumplings are soaked in the creamy milk syrup flavored with saffroncardamom and sprinkled with nuts.

Irresistibly tempting, isn’t it? 

This mouthwatering dessert indulges you with a delight so piquant that you are left asking for more.

Also, the name Ras malai sounds lusciously delicious.

The name is derived from 2 words- Ras, meaning syrup, and Malai, meaning cream. The meaning literally translates to creamy syrup. 

Despite the common belief that Rasmalai is hard to prepare, here’s a recipe that is quick and easy. 

Some people love to combine Rasmalai with other Bengali sweets like Rasogulla and Chum Chum.

For those of you who do not have time at hand or have guests coming up on short notice, try Bikano Rasmalai or Haldiram’s Rasmalai. This ready-to-eat dessert will be a great savior for you.

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