Red Chili Powder (200 gm)

Red Chili Powder (200 gm)

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Red Chilli Powder, also known as lal mirch powder is an integral part of Indian cuisine. It not only gives a quintessential red colour to the food, but also has a faint and distinct taste and aroma and your tari wali aloo ki sabzi aur chaat can never taste the same without a hint of red chilli powder. Red chilli powder can set the taste buds on fire and sometime the tummy too! It consists of one or two type of dried red chillies that are ground and pulverized in a fine powder. There is also a Kashmiri variety of red chilli powder which is very mild. It uses milder dried chilies (these chilies are deep red colored and have wrinkled skin) and instantly imparts a vibrant red color to any dish with a hint of heat as well. Used commonly in Indian cuisine.

Fiery, spicy, and red hot, mind it we are not using these objectives to describe a person. We are referring to a spice, a ball of fire, that adds instant perk to any recipe.

Any guesses for this one? Here is one more hint. The spice-quotient of this spice ranges from mild to hot in piquancy. Yeah, you got it right! We are talking about the red chili powder, the bright and zesty addition that catapults the flavor of any preparation.

There is no secret that India has been a polestar of aromatic spices and herbs since time immemorial. This includes the red-hot chili powder also. While some red chilies are innocent looking, some chilies tantalize you with their pungency.

How to use chili powder in recipes?

When it comes to Indian cooking, no recipe is complete without a generous sprinkling of this spicy note! So, if you have a bland preparation of dry aloo, paneer, any gravy dish, or meat delicacy, don’t fret. Just augment the overall flavor by adding a dash of red chili powder. Chili powder is added along with other spices such as turmeric, coriander powdersalt, and hing while sauteing, mainly after onions and tomatoes turn brown. 

One can also add red chili powder in marinades, soups, stews, raita, Pakora batter, and almost any other dish. Adding a sprinkle of red chili powder on chaat makes it more yummy and savory. 

Red chili powder is also a major ingredient in Rasam Powder, Pav Bhaji Masala, Sambhar Masala, Keema Curry Mix, Curry Masala Chicken, Karahi Chicken Masala, Butter Chicken Masala, Meat Masala, and many more masala mixes.

In addition to all this, red chili powder also comes with hordes of health benefits.

Health benefits of red chili powder

  • Rich in Vitamin C- Red chili powder is a good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a good immunity booster and helps ward off infections in the body.
  • Regulates blood pressure- The high potassium found in the red chili powder soothes the blood vessels which in turn helps controlling blood pressure.
  • Good for heart health- Red chili powder has a good amount of antioxidants. This helps clear the arteries blockage that directly transforms to improving heart health.
  • Reduces fat- Capsaicin, a compound found in red chili powder is good for digestive health. It also helps keep blood sugar levels in control and also reduces fat. Capsaicin also fights inflammation and eases pain in the joints.

How is red chili powder obtained?

Red chili powder is obtained by grinding 2 to 3 varieties of red chili’s into a fine powder.

If you use the hot red peppers, you get a fiery flavor in the red chili powder, whereas grinding Kashmiri chilies gives a mild flavor to the powder.

So, what are you thinking? If seeking to add that vibrant quintessential red color to your recipes, then go ahead and buy red chili powder. It is a must-have to add spark to your delicacies!

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